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Karak's beard, some alumni stuff, and heading down the hill.

I like Karak's new beard shape. It's so cute I want to make muffins to celebrate. Heh.

I spent most of today plugging away at that alumni project I'm working on. I'll announce it properly when it goes live. In the meanwhile, any fellow Jags reading this should block off D'Evelyn Dash weekend on their calendar because the first all-classes reunion is being planned for that weekend. Naturally, I will be there with camera and Da Guys. Maybe this year I'll have Karak take a picture of me with the mascot. Heck, I'll even drag Himself along so Habel can finally meet my partner in crime. (:

We plan on heading down the hill later today to make a belated birthday visit to Cap'n Bob. If you want a piece of us while we're in town, call my cell phone. (If you don't have the number, either IM me or call the house line at a reasonable hour and whoever answers *should* hook you up.)

lil_sass, listen to "Beautiful Girl" by Poe.
Tags: 978.8_colorado, d'evelyn

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