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Water-cooled systems probably wouldn't make our room so snug.

I am feeling nostalgic for something that almost happened at December's LAN party. I'll keep my hopes up for the next one.

I didn't realize how much heat our computers put off until I went to use the bathroom and it was a good 5 degrees cooler in the hallway. I'm not terribly surprised since we currently have two computers (the headless folders won't be up until we rearrange things to separate sleeping and computer space) and the bed taking up half of the room's space. Being this warm at four in the morning without being snuggled under a down comforter with Himself and the midget feels like such a luxury.

We got seven and a half inches of luscious powder from this weekend's weather system. I didn't realize how much less falls in the metro area until someone called today asking if we'd like to come down and was surprised when Himself told them how much snow we'd gotten.


The station I watch for local news lent its secondary studio to the Colorado Old Time Fiddlers' Association on Saturday in return for doing a short piece on them. Seeing all those kids getting ready for the fiddle competition at the Stock Show made me really miss Haoma.
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