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I hate squirrels, and not just the Southern Girls' Drunk Tank mascot.

1105_04robertbbgunI forgot to blog earlier this week that we have succeeded in killing grey squirrels with a BB gun. This makes me very, very happy on a number of levels. When we have beaten them back enough to have native Abert's squirrels nesting in the yard again, I will take a metric buttload of photos because I love their ear tufts.

I'm pretty sure it would have pissed off the neighbors if I'd used the shotgun, although the satisfaction of dropping them off a branch is hard to beat. Crackling balls and my slingshot were never a consideration because of the fire danger, which was a bit of a shame because I am a Damn Good Shot after all the practice I had in North Carolina.

I only wonder what the trash people are going to think once they realize that each dead squirrel is individually bagged and (by default thanks to the weather) frozen.
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