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A duck!

Himself had plans to do some stuff at his mother's house this weekend, so I took advantage of it and got a ride down to jaehop for some bonding time with karaksindru.

On the way down, we nearly wiped a carload of young men off the interstate after they made an illegal u-turn via the emergency access turnout by the Alameda roadcut. His reflexes and my digital camera resulted in no injuries and a surprisingly clear picture I passed along to the Colorado State Patrol.

After he dropped me off at jaehop, we went downstairs so I could see the rearranged rooms (no pictures, I'd scare you *g*), then on to Dream Team to pick up Karak's cold cathode light and CompUSA. Their inventory said they had two of the PDA I was hoping to get a working model of in exchange for the dead-screen one but they weren't anywhere to be found, so I'm going to RMA it and hope the next one actually works. He exchanged his broken green cold cathode for a red one, which should make his vault (at jaehop, not at work) look really interesting.

Prefacing it by this was not a date, we followed up the retail muddle with dinner at Gunther Toody's. A chocolate cherry malt and bacon cheese fries later, I was a very happy burrito and I think he was equally satisfied by nummy food. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around our server being named Cuddles, though. (I know it's a nickname, it's just not quite fitting into my brain at the moment.)

After returning to my little corner of geek heaven, Mom had a better idea than mine for mending his wounded jacket and was much better equipped at hemming his suit pants (I did *not* know beforehand they were fully lined! ack!) so we wound up playing with Laurel while Mom performed mending goodness. Somehow I wound up keeping him until midnight, but it was lovely and yes, it's a duck. (:

As I was wrapping this up, Himself called to let me know he's on his way home and let me know that the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie isn't worth renting. Luckily the second volume of the graphic novel came out this month, so I'm not even tempted to witness the Awful Badness of movies made from books I like.
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