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Laurel's good holiday behavior, random holiday musing, a mini-mystery and that stomach bug.

Laurel is behaving beautifully around the tree, much to my surprise. Mom and I agree it's at least partly due to the fact that she was old enough to help decorate this year so she helped Mom choose where to put the first string of lights and helped hang several ornaments. When we were setting up the tree, she tried to put her Brio-sized wooden train around the tree, but didn't have quite enough track to make it around. I'll have to keep my eyes open when yard sale season starts again for more parts.

We're heading down the hill tomorrow afternoon for Himself's paternal family get-together and gift exchange, then he's taking Laurel with him to his mother's on Christmas Eve for dinner and gift opening with them. (I would go, but I'm allergic to cats. Yes, I know there are allergy medications on the market, but they don't do a thing for me other than unpleasant side effects.)

While unpacking the ornaments, I was appropriately horrified at their current ornament storage (Laurel's and my ornaments are wrapped in either their original packaging or cotton batting, then packed into our respective ornament boxes) and fished out a few in desperate need of repair. In most immediate need was Piñata Boy, whose stick and pinata (hung from a hefty wire in his non-stick-wielding hand) are both missing. I've replaced the stick with a short length of toothpick (tapered end nipped off and the remainder stained in Minwax Golden Oak) but replicating the piñata, which I haven't found any pictures of is going to be a bit trickier. It's worth it for one of the ornaments my parents bought the year I was born. (:

On an unrelated note, I am currently mystified by whoever's buying used copies of books off my wishlist and having them shipped in the name "Rob and Melissa Crawford." So far Mr. Rogers Talks With Parents and Fresh Milk: The Secret Life Of Breasts have arrived addressed that way. I'm thoroughly confused as to who's behind them because hardly anyone calls Himself that -- in his family, it indicates a family friend, Bob is his father, and Himself goes by his full name. My sister occasionally calls him that, but I don't think she'd buy a copy of Fresh Milk, especially since the Amazon page for it offers it in a value package with the book Dick For A Day (which I already own, heh). If any of you are behind this, let me know sometime so I'm less mystified. (:

We visited Grandma Dorothy last Monday because she was under the weather a few days before when we had planned to visit her. During the visit, she mentioned Himself's aunts had also gotten the same stomach bug, but it seemed to pass quickly. I thought nothing of it, but Laurel was sick all day Wednesday vomiting and being quiet (functionally lethargic for her). Mom had the bug on Saturday, Sarah was sick Saturday night and Sunday, and today Himself and Dad came down with it. That leaves only my brother and I untouched, but Dave's hardly ever home and Himself's uber-immune system and some Pepto reduced his to stomach cramps, some lower GI discomfort, and sleeping it off. No bets on whether I'll get it, although I've got 10 phenergan left until I have to shell out for a new scrip so I'll probably get through it with minimal discomfort. I knew living with chronic sinusitis would finally be good for something!
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