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Media diet: Radio silence no more.

I _finally_ managed to get an NPR affiliate in on our bedside radio, but I'm mildly confused as to why we get the Boulder transmitter in better than the Denver one. For reference, we are approximately just below the 'n' in "Summit County 89.3 FM" on the CPR Coverage Map.

Not having decent NPR reception is one of the only things I miss about NC.

Incidentally, the copy of Himself's DD-214 we requested in August arrived yesterday. Any bets on when the one we requested last month after being concerned the original wouldn't arrive in time for GI Bill eligibility for next semester will arrive?

EDIT 31 Jan 04: Himself picked up BBC World Service on a low FM station while driving up the hill late at night and said the station identified out of Greeley or Fort Collins. Googled it and found out KUNC plays NPR programming (KUNC coverage map), so with any luck we'll be able to pick it up in the house. Huzzah!
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