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Dad spaced purchasing gifts for the tags he pulled from the gift tree at church so Himself and I offered to go shopping to get out of the remainder of Amy and Branden's graduation party. (We're even worse at socializing with non-geeks than we are at shopping, so this says nothing about the party itself -- people were still there after 2100 and the party started at 1400.)

Since we were already in the area, we hit Southwest Plaza first. It generally sucked and was overrun with packs of roaming sprogs, so we booked it after acquiring a gift certificate at a trendy store for someone on Himself's list. ObColumbine: a security guard stopped us to ask if we were finding everything okay and gave Himself's coat a hard look. Tardamo guard got spooked by a WWII vintage French cycling coat. In olive drab. *snerk*

We then hauled up to Colorado Mills. As we entered through the Eddie Bauer outlet (avoiding the phalanx of smokers around most entrances), we were greeted by a group of scowling girls that looked 12-14 years old. They looked bored and like they'd been there all day and gave me cute little crusties when I asked Himself, "Where are these kids' parents? Are they too cheap to get a sitter?".

Consumer crusties were the majority of our experience as we tried to channel what the demographics we had to buy gifts for would want (a 9-12 year old boy, three teen girls, an adult female and a senior male). Himself ate what looked like African American Ken's nutsack at Harry and David but turned out to be a runny caramel encased in coffee-flavored chocolate. Since I'm a pretty regular H&D shopper, we scored a holiday beverage mix set and (heh) Fruit-of-the-Month candles for the two adults on our charity list.

Our next stop was the LEGO outlet for the 9-12 year old boy's gift. It's not hard to pick out a nice gift in a store I already like, so we took our time and picked out a non-battery action set -- Snowboard Big Air Comp (#3536) with a launcher for the snowboarder mini-fig.

After a brief stop in EB Games to fortify ourselves for having to go in someplace unimaginably foul, we bravely went into the Claire's outlet. Props to everyone in the store for remembering us and for letting us know the preowned PC games rack will return after the holidays. Double for Duke, who agreed with me that we should buy the Heroes IV expansion pack. (We didn't, but we plan to in the future.)

That pothole was so pink it made my ovaries ache, but after the best description of lip gloss ever (Himself asked why someone would wear it and I replied that it would make something "mega glossy" [like the package claimed] after fellatio, which earned me a crusty look from the only other person in the store over 18) we settled on getting each teen a 50g tube of body glitter, a tube of the aforementioned lipgloss and a gift box with two Twist 'n' Clip headbands, a vented brush and a comb.

I ran down what I'd bought (and spent) with Mom after getting home since Dad was asleep and she threw in a decorated jar of cocoa and mini-marshmallows she'd picked up earlier in the year to round out the adult female's gift. Everything got wrapped after Laurel went to sleep (she thought the LEGO set was for her) and Dad came upstairs just as I was finishing everything up. He seemed suitably impressed by my l33t gift shopping skills, but a bit less so by my one-armed monkey style of wrapping. I'll let you be the judge:

the wrapped gifts sitting on a dining chair

For the record, I got all that gifty goodness for $97 and change. I stuffed the last two dollars in a Salvation Army pot on the way out to stop the ringing until I was safely in the car.


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Dec. 14th, 2003 01:19 am (UTC)
Wrapping looks OK to me. I mean, I just use the copies of the Stranger I have lying around, and it works out OK for me, so... yeah. I might not be the best judge or anything. But, hey, don't see anything wrong with it! You used paper and ribbon and everything!
Dec. 14th, 2003 04:17 am (UTC)
You'd like the wrapping paper -- the backside has a 1" grid printed on it. I like it so much it almost makes up for Himself giving away my wrapping paper stash when he was loading the truck. (It was several hundred square feet of faux-artsy nondenominational prints, the loudest metallic plaid ever and a candy-stripe with Dora The Explorer, all scored for <$10 total.)

I used ribbon to hold the two-part gift together. I hate curling ribbon, but I have a half-dozen four-color reels (6" high reels with individual color segments) and a bunch of holographic crap, all courtesy of another clearance find.

I still have to find the right gift for you. I am continuing to torture Himself with cartoon songs, especially now that we have Cartoon Network.
Dec. 14th, 2003 05:50 am (UTC)
Some of my parents' wrapping paper is like that. I like it, but I use the grid side out. Because I like grids. I do like metallic wrapping though, but that's just because I like things that are shiny.

That's awesome that you got CN now! Did your flavor of Comcast finally get sense, or did you get to deliver the smackdown on them and go with a better TV provider?

Dale and I have been watching my Kids in the Hall DVD set. It is so damn awesome. Running Faggot fed a puppy (by proxy)! Then he averted carnage by gettin' people a talkin'. Then he ran from some rednecks.

Running Faggot, running free.
Dec. 15th, 2003 01:46 am (UTC)
Ooh, what color are the grids on your paper? The grids on mine were a subtle not-quite-metallic antique gold, interrupted regularly with the paper brand's logo.

I am so in love with the Mylar I want to use it on everything, but I don't want to give it away. Maybe I should wrap my headboard (it hasn't shown up in pics I've posted yet, but it's a cherry laminate mission-style piece that comes up to my chin when I stand next to it) in the solid blue mylar. That would r0x0r between the grey walls and my solid green bedding. (:

Comcast is apparently consolidating its outlying viewing areas because all the channels shifted late last week (while I had the TV on, see next paragraph). The new lineup has around three dozen channels we either didn't have or were digital-only before, and the TV Guide channel has a two-channel split listed for a third of the analog channels. I went back through the past few months of my parents' cable bills and there's nothing from Comcast about the change or split.

I don't know how it looked for digital cable (our lone digital box is in the living room), but I had my bedroom TV on when the change happened. The signal kept dropping on Comedy Central, I cursed at it and turned the volume down, then the reception went crystal clear after a full minute of snow except it was showing TBS.

Among the channels we now can watch from bed are Sci-Fi (former digital), Cartoon Network (new), Toon Disney (new), History (f.d.), HGTV (f.d.), Bravo (f.d.) and TV Land (not sure). Also got an assload of movie channels I don't anticipate watching and some real crap -- two shopping channels, a Nascar channel I used my TV's four-letter channel labeling to name SPED, a golf channel, and a whole bunch of religious weirdness including TBN.

On a semi-related note, was the episode of Mythbusters with the raincoat-raft Alcatraz escape a rerun? I tuned in halfway through the show and was cranky I'd missed so much.
Dec. 15th, 2003 01:55 am (UTC)
It's been a while, but I think the grids were either gray or really light powder blue. I seem to rememeber the grids being occasionally interrupted by numbers counting measurements.

That's pretty cool about the New Channels From Nowhere. It looks like you actually got a good haul (We don't have Toon Disney, except for Digital, and they keep jerkin' TV Land around which PISSES ME OFF. It started out as Normal Cable, then went Digital without actually mentioning it anywhere. I want my TV Land.), so that is awesome. I'm kinda surprised that Sci-Fi was a former Digital one, though. At least they're still showin' MST3K for another month or so (Saturdays at 8am, I think, if you can get up that early/stay up that late, depending on how you want to interpret your schedule)

Also: It _was_ new (and a good one, it was Alcatraz, a thing about finding mind control chips with a studfinder, and whether or not a Duck's Quack echoes (which was WAY more informative than the Snopes one, which was basically "Uh, duh, it echoes, what are you, some kind of moron?", whereas the Mythbusters actually went INTO why the myth might have started and whatnot. I won't spoil it for you.). I think it'll be re-run Monday at 8, but while I know it will be rerun Monday, I'm not sure about the time, so check the Discovery Site to make sure. Since it'd suck if you missed it.

Anyway, it was a really good one.
Dec. 15th, 2003 05:21 am (UTC)
The next time I see a roll of graph paper on sale (because I rarely pay full price *g*), I should buy it to use as wrapping paper. If there's two, I'll buy both and send the other one to you.

I can get my MSTie fix on TV for a month? I'll have to jump on the listings to see when it's on. It'll give Laurel practice in making snarky comments, too. Whee.

I saw the Alcatraz and stud finder segments, so I'll have to make sure to catch the rerun now. You got me all excited with the quack echo.

The only thing I hate about the Mountain time zone is that cable channels are either on an Eastern feed (1-2 hours behind the advertised time) or a Pacific feed (an hour after the advert time) and it makes conflicts that wouldn't happen in other time zones. And the Denis Leary roast is supposed to be on Comedy Central at 8 PM Monday night! Decisions, decisions...
Dec. 15th, 2003 07:53 am (UTC)
hah, that'd be cool. Graph Paper is neato.

Yep, Sci-Fi has a month left on their contract, so... yeah. Although a couple weeks ago, instead of MST3K, they showed Lord of Illusions, which Jesus Christ Was Bad. It's hilarious, because I know that Clive Barker Is A Bad Author, but I always assumed he was a passable-if-compentent director. (This is wrong; he is hilariously inept.) When it ran, I thought we were watching (Ben was over; we were working on the Sekrit TODCRA project for the LJ) a Sci-Fi Original, rather than, y'know, a film that was released to theaters and is now available on DVD and VHS. So, basically, I think they're trying to keep the MST concept without having to pay BBI for the rights.

Also: Hate to spoil the roast, but they don't call him on stealing everything he's ever done from Bill Hicks. [Sorry, Denis Leary just pisses me the fuck off. I really can't stand him.]
Dec. 14th, 2003 04:27 pm (UTC)
Tardamo guard got spooked by a WWII vintage French cycling coat. In olive drab. *snerk*

tardamo. he he he.

you did good, by the way. and i like your gift wrap. i bought the cheapest gift wrap and now i regret it. it looks like old lady wrap.
Dec. 15th, 2003 01:26 am (UTC)
Feel free to pat yourself on the back for introducing that word into my vocabulary.

Himself's sister informed him today that I picked out the wrong stuff from Claire's for a teen girl and should have gotten sleeve bracelets (aka handulets and who knows what else, they're a hybrid of bracelet and hand-covering jewlery ending in a finger loop), but I just picked stuff out based on what the girls we saw at the mall were wearing.

The gift wrap was a rack-digging find at Sam's Club; they have 5-roll packs (three paper, two mylar) for $7 in either blue/silver or red/green combinations. I'd buy it again just because the paper rolls have a grid pattern on the back of the paper so I cut paper off a roll neatly for the first time ever.
Dec. 15th, 2003 07:25 am (UTC)
handulet? christ, i've been out of the loop for a long time. . .
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