Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu (oddharmonic) wrote,
Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

Ornery kidlet, needlework, Madrigal pimping, and holiday shopping.

Now that I've gotten the obligatory back-posts done and caught up on my friends list, you get a real update.

Laurel has been especially ornery this week, but she's pretty tolerable first thing in the morning and when she's asleep. *smirks* Seriously, my knees can't keep up with her dashing and it's not always amusing to get crusties from senior citizens when they see me holding the midget while Himself is trying to pry a book (which we can't justify the cost and don't need, doubly because it's a battery-powered "noisy" book) out of her hands at Sam's Club and she promptly bangs her head on something hard as soon as I let go of her. She's gotten a lot better about banging her head when she's mad, but it still shocks non-familiar people when they see her do it. Whee.

I took care of needlework supplies I mentioned earlier in the week, so now beads and filament are on their way from 1-2-3 Stitch (in Dublin, CA, if that means anything to any of you) and a scroll frame is on its way from Nordic Needle. V. pleased about that as I pulled out the done-with-#4-braid stitches on Wednesday and have been steadily filling in the pearl filament blend stitches since. If I finish them before the gold filament arrives, I'll do the half stitches and any backstitching I can do that doesn't cross or touch gold filament-required stitches. In the exceedingly rare event I get all that done, I'll go back to the needlework pillow I started over the summer that's been languishing.

Since he's talking to me again, I asked Chuck to see if my GI Joe ornament is still in his ficus tree or among his stuff. I'm fairly sure that if I didn't leave it there, it would be packed in my ornament box and I've already checked that -- no dice. Hopefully he'll have it and be willing to trade it for some patterns or something, maybe another piece in his chosen dishware pattern? (I've given him a cookie jar, a kettle, and some miscellaneous pieces in it over the years because we love the same Corelle pattern. Yeah, it's cheap, but you can blow me if you don't like it, or buy me dishes that cost more than $10 for four settings.)

Some days I really hate the holiday season because everyone calls on around a week's notice wanting to book one or more of the clowns for events. I want to hit them all with a clue by four and explain again that events have to be booked 8-12 weeks in advance to be guaranteed a date, and even then they should call as early as possible. This weekend alone we have three commitments -- a birthday party Friday night, a show and entertainment for a church event on Saturday late morning/early afternoon, and then the Parade of Lights. (I know it's both Friday and Saturday nights, but we chose to do just Saturday this year because fewer of the Colorado Clowns show up since that's not the televised night.)

Tying into that, Saturday is traditionally alumni night for Evergreen HS' Madrigal Dinner. I really wanted to make it in hopes of seeing people I haven't in years but due to conflicting with the parade (read: no babysitter), we're going to the Sunday afternoon matinee. I can't pimp Madrigal enough because it's the primary fundraiser for the EHS music department. Tickets were still available as of midweek; if you're interested and want tickets, e-mail Janis Dufford at or call 303-670-5087.

While I'm on the Madrigal subject, Jeffco has 2002 pictures online and you may laugh at this very silly picture of me sticking my face in a cutout at Madrigal in 1996.

And with that, I'm off to do the last few bits of my holiday shopping -- arranging for some Harry & David baskets to go to New England family, ordering something from American Science and Surplus for Himself (shhh), and getting a gift certificate for my sister-in-law. Oh yeah, and a DivaCup for me since another allergic reaction to my Keeper would be Bad and Uncomfortable. Won't that be cute in my stocking? (;
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