Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu (oddharmonic) wrote,
Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

Arrived in the armpit that is the South, or "baff! now!".

A brief recap of the last week:
0906_03laurelairportkneelingLaurel and I left Evergreen around lunchtime on Friday, getting to DIA around 2. I got flagged for all the secondary screenings DIA had to offer someone carrying a toddler. (Even got my legs felt up, w00t.) Despite every last gate agent asking whether our gate-checked stroller was getting offloaded in Chicago (it wasn't), it was -- a fact we found out the next day after much apologies from ATA, who gave us a $50 travel voucher in exchange for our picking up the stroller in Raleigh. (If not given the option, I would have left the stroller in Charlotte -- it's not worth an eight-hour roundtrip drive.)

Himself managed to get out of weekend duty on Saturday, since someone above him failed to realize that going into work two hours after an eight-hour drive (following a full day's work prior to driving) is probably a Bad Idea. Needless to say, we slept all morning and I didn't actually get moving until close to 1300, when kenwestervelt came over with a few ingredients to supplement our meager pantry to make breakfast. He hung around for a bit, then we spent some more time being tired/jet-lagged while Laurel watched some Sesame Street DVDs (the important things I pack while forgetting a hairbrush). After that, we headed out for immediate grocery needs and dinner.

Sunday was mostly occupied by a run to Sam's Club (most of their sample carts have Pooh-related pictures at Laurel's height - agh!) and going up to RDU to retrieve Laurel's stroller.

0909_02laurelwatchingtvDad arrived with our household baggage around 0330 Monday morning. Himself left for work around 0730, so Ken came over after his Monday morning class and helped Dad and I unload stuff into the house. We then returned the trailer and had lunch at Chili's (interestingly, the Goldsboro one has several model F-15s hanging from the ceiling *g*), the latter of which ended for me when Laurel stuck a spoon into the salsa that came with our appetizer and subsequently refused to eat anything, much less stay at the table. After lunch, we started getting boxes into the rooms they belonged (kitchen boxes in the kitchen, etc.) and unpacking some of them. Dad treated us to dinner at Nino's and we picked up a few more household items at Wal-Mart (light bulbs, smoke detectors for the bedrooms, a desk chair since mine stayed in CO).

0910_13poppoplaurelDad left on Tuesday morning and I got down to the business of trying to fight my ass-kicking cold into submission with massive amounts of vitamin C (mm, fresh oranges) and regular doses of store brand NyQuil (no, it doesn't put me to sleep). Mostly failed, but I did locate the box with my shorts and unpacked more kitchen stuff. I just felt seriously crappy and stayed in the living room until Himself came home, whereupon I drew what my mother would call a "lobstah bath" to relax my stiff muscles and loosen chest congestion. The new house has, in Himself's words, a "bodacious water heater."

On Wednesday, Laurel wanted to wear her Sunday dress and I didn't feel like disagreeing. I coughed up a fair amount of aforementioned congestion, Ken helped unpack and set up the computer (I directed and he did), and mostly we watched children's PBS since I wasn't up for the 9/11 programming all the major networks were offering. (We don't have cable -- yet. It's too bad we can't pay for just the channels we'd watch; I'd be happy with a few kids' channels, History, Discovery, TLC, Sci-Fi and A&E. I wish they offered "Geek" and "Geek with Kid" packages instead of "NFL Sunday Ticket" ones.) Feeling a bit better in the afternoon, I unpacked enough in the kitchen to regain access to the oven so we could use it for dinner (Laurel loves fries and I wasn't about to deep-fry them). Himself set up the ISP after dinner while Laurel watched Shrek, followed by her demanding a "BAFF!". She actually started disrobing in the living room, so it looks like the daily bath routine has taken hold with her. (:

Earlier in the week, I destanked (is that a word?) the sink in the west bathroom, so the tub in there is next. (The house lies on an east-west axis; there's a bathroom on the east end adjacent to the master bedroom and another on the west end sandwiched between Laurel's room and the work/spare room.) Still getting rid of the cold, but I should be fine by next week for those of you nearby that want to drop by and see the new house, semi-unpacked as it is. (:
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