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Killing time with that high school survey.

Evil sinus flareup the past few days (you can tell I'm really sick when I turn down azuki ice cream) so I've been offline. Finally got those October 2003 photos up on and am currently uploading slightly cleaned thumbnails for older photos, so you get the current memetic survey while I'm killing time.

1. Did you like your high school years? They weren't particularly enjoyable, but I couldn't afford to get out via PEG or Simon's Rock, so I had to suck it up.

2. Describe your high school years in three words: not worth remembering.

3. Did you have a lot of friends or just a few close ones? Friends? What're those? *chuckles* I had a few semi-close friends at both of the high schools I attended (Evergreen and D'Evelyn).

4. Did any people hate you? Would I have noticed?

5. Did you ever get into a physical fight? Technically, no. I did step on someone's hand when they tried to grab my chest (actually the Walkman in my pocket since I had no cleavage at all back then) and was later told I broke two fingers. He graduated from West Point, proving Cap'n Bob's point about academy pukes.

6. Were you ever sent to the principal's office? Rarely. A few times as a witness to events and once to rebut an exchange student who claimed I sexually harassed him when he was caught a few inches short of cutting an in-progress piece I had of the floor looms in the art department. Considering I only saw him when he was at my house putting moves on the exchange student living with us that year, I think he was trying to front manliness because I'd seen him scream like a girl and lift up and drop the couch after my sister's two-day-missing snake poked its head out from under it while he was cuddling with our exchange student on the couch.

7. Did you have a good relationship with the security guards/hall monitors/janitors/secretaries? Considering that they're the most important people that will look the other way for you, yes.

8. Which teacher of yours had the weirdest last name? I wouldn't remember.

9. Which teacher did you hate the most and why? I never hated any teacher, although I've hated every counselor I've met in Jeffco except for Ceci Nowack, who's retiring this year. Special hate cookies go to Marge Ingram for starting the whole Bad Psychiatric Practices hell and to Susan Greenfield for making my senior year schedule suck so bad I ditched classes to go to the ones I wanted (and needed) with the blessing of most of the faculty.

10. Which teacher did you like the most and why? At Evergreen, a tie between Louis Sisneros and Bill Loper because they were willing and able to challenge me. At D'Evelyn, Jack Moninger. If you're a former Jag and don't get why, you're beyond help.

11. What were your favorite school subjects? Latin and the CU courses I took at D'Evelyn.

12. What were your least favorite school subjects? Didn't have one.

13. Were you frequently absent or did you go to school nearly every day? With the exception of suffering from Bad Psychiatric Practices that forced me to miss over half of the spring 1996 semester (think Mad in America, only with SSRIs inducing borderline psychotic mania and later lithium toxicity), I missed a handful of days each semester due to bad sinus flareups.

14. What kind of student were you grade-wise? I graduated with a 2.8 (of 4.0) cumulative GPA, but that includes the spring 1996 semester. On the other hand, I got 1410 SAT, 34 ACT, 4 on AP Spanish, and in the 500-700 range on the six SAT II subject tests I took.

15. Did you do homework diligently AT home or did you just copy the work from a person 5 minutes before class was to begin the next day? I don't believe in copying. At Evergreen I either did work at home or during Access period; at D'Evelyn I did handwritten work during activity period or on the bus (I had a 2-3 hour daily ride) and typed work at home.

16. Did you study for all tests/quizzes? Depends on how well I already knew the material.

17. Did you doodle while being bored in class? Not often, but I did note lines from the material or people that struck me as funny. I completely forgot I did that until jury duty last year, when a fellow juror remarking on how neat my notes were (except for my signature and cake decorating, I write in drafting 2-stroke Roman) noticed I took down the prosecutor saying "You shall have [dramatic pause] HER UNDERWEAR!" during the closing.

18. Have you ever fallen asleep while in class? Only at Evergreen.

19. Was there any class that was infamous for being horrible/evil? Not that I remembered, though some troglodyte stole my Waterman pencil off my music stand one day in choir and the teacher didn't believe me. The pencil showed up in a classroom across the building a few weeks later: someone put it in a classroom pen jar, the teacher opened it and found my card neatly rolled up inside it.

20. Were there any memorable rumors that you remember going around in school? I wouldn't have known if there was.

21. Was there ever a rumor about you? If there was, I never heard about it.

22. Were there any memorable fights you remember happening during school? There probably were a few at Evergreen, but aside from class I was almost exclusively in the music department. At D'Evelyn they were rare and the only one I ever heard about was before I was there.

23. Was there ever a student that was pregnant while in school? The only one I heard about was a girl in my senior class that gave birth sometime after graduation, but we only had one class together spring semester and she sat across the room (the CU classes were packed compared to regular D'Evelyn classes) so I never noticed.

24. Were there any guys or girls infamous for cheating or playing other people? Were YOU one of them? Not that I was aware of and no, respectively. I can count the number of guys I dated during high school on one hand.

25. Did you smoke or do drugs in the bathroom? No. My lungs can barely tolerate secondhand smoke as it is, and the idea of doing recreational drugs after how screwed up my health is thanks to badly prescribed (or monitored post-prescription) medication boggles my mind.

26. Have you ever gone to the bathroom and been confronted by "bathroom junkies"? No.

27. Were the bathrooms in school hideous? Not that I noticed. The ones at the old D'Evelyn building were original to the 1955 building, but they were clean.

28. Was your school overcrowded? Evergreen was undergoing renovation when I was there, so I couldn't gauge it. D'Evelyn most certainly was (the old building had a capacity of 550 but the school had a charter for 900) but you didn't notice it because the school existed for classical education, not letting functionally illiterate people into society. (While I'm at it, I should note Jeffco recently announced plans to start a sister program to D'Evelyn to service the northern part of the county, slated to open in 2004-2005. Apparently it irked too many parents who want their kids to smoke weed at an Ivy League school that there's approximately 150 spots per class and they're filled by matriculating students from Dennison and student staying in the program before they're opened up to lottery admissions.)

29. Did you like gym class? I took it to graduate.

30. What were some activities you would do during gym? Run laps, avoid people and duck anything that got too close to me.

31. Were you part of any sports teams? No.

32. Were you part of any extra curricular activities? At Evergreen, I was a music/theater groupie; at D'Evelyn I co-ran RPG Club and ruled Junior Classical League (Latin and Greek students) with Cassie Brownfield.

33. Name one embarrassing moment that happened to you during high school. A cheerleader-type informed me one day in Spanish class that my socks were "latrine green", but it wasn't really that embarrassing. She was just the kind of person that picked on non-popular people, plus at the time my sister was beating her little brother at wrestling practice.

34. Did you ever cry during school? I might have a few times. Tearing up is one of my stress/anxiety reactions.

35. Name one time when you really didn't want to go to school because of some possible conflict you'd have during that day. Didn't really have any.

36. Did you ever fake sick in order to miss school? No.

37. Did you have a crush on somebody (or more than one person) in high school? Probably.

38. Did anybody ever have a crush on you? *snerk* I doubt it.

39. Did you ever 'go out' with anyone in high school? I dated a few people in high school.

40. What type of social status would you consider yourself during high school? Somewhere off the bottom rung of the social ladder. I was a music geek that got decent grades at Evergreen and then just a total outcast at D'Evelyn since I neither drank (when I was there it was a rampant problem) nor tried to be social. I was content with my gamers and hey, I get to laugh now.

41. Were you satisfied with your social status? I didn't really care.

42. Did you have any nicknames or any rude names that people used to call you during school? Not really, although I was called "Missy" (a name I connote with cheerleaders and little fluffy dogs) in the music department at Evergreen because there was an upperclassman named Melissa (Benson '95).

43. Did your friends have nicknames? *thinks* We called willpower16 Willpower back then. The rest of us acquired nicknames along the way or later -- KarakSindru is from a game character, Fulvius was someone's name in Latin class, I think NeonPhog and Rozjik are gaming handles...

44. Would you always have a hard time waking up for school in the morning? No.

45. How did you get to school? Walked to Evergreen; I live a half-mile away. Took the bus to D'Evelyn, which entailed several transfers and a 2-3 hour ride daily depending on the weather.

46. Would you get to school late often? No.

47. What would you usually eat for lunch? I usually carried a sandwich, something healthy, something sweet, M&Ms and a drink which alternated between raspberry Hansen's and Revel (the infamous 'nipple can'; it's no longer made). Some days willpower16 would share/buy me cool ranch Doritos and I remember eating the pepperoni off someone's pizza because the cafeteria would run out of cheese quickly.

48. What was your favorite part of the school day? Latin or gaming.

49. What person or group of people did you hate the most? The counselors! If you mean of my age peers, probably the jocks. The star quarterback was in my physics class and the faculty and administration looked the other way about his roman hands and russian fingers, so my lab partner rigged up our table to shock him every time he leaned back into it. I don't think Mr. McKellips ever asked why we drained the lab batteries so quickly.

50. What is one thing that is different about you since high school? I carry? *snerk* Seriously, I have more flattering glasses frames.

51. What is one happy memory from high school? All of RPG Club. Putting a banana every day in Brian's locker while he was away first semester senior year so it would rot and drip into the locker below his (which belonged to the aforementioned star quarterback). Rocking state JCL competition harder than the year before and going to national competition without official backing from the school, who then got nice to me after I came home with awards.

52. Is there anything you wished you would have done during high school but didn't? Taken the school to court for not letting me take a same-sex date to senior prom. Found an alien to probe my evil senior year counselor. Blown sh*t up and caused mayhem with Brian.

53. Did your parents go to the parent-teacher conferences? Every one.

54. Name some things that you miss from high school: seeing my gamers daily. Student discounts. That's it.

55. (irrelevant question) Ever been to the circus with clowns? Duh. A better question would be "been to a circus that didn't have any of your relatives in it?", to which I'd say only Cirque du Soleil, which was a waste of money.

And for those of you who might be interested in it, I do have my senior photo online. It looks about the same as I do now aside from the obvious -- I grew my bangs out and I have different glasses frames.
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