Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu (oddharmonic) wrote,
Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

Hanging out at jaehop, miscellaneous musing.

1107_01robertjamesPosting from jaehop (karaksindru's place) where Karak, Himself, Neon, Rozjik and one of Neon's school friends are playing Diablo II among the computers here -- and I'm blogging from the laptop on the couch.

Stopped by willpower16's work tonight after running errands. I am still mildly shocked by the amount of piercings he has, but after spending time with him in person he's the same Will that was my self-appointed champion when we were classmates, but he's got a minor sense of tragedy and now smokes. We'll have to get together sometime he's free and search out some caffeine-fueled entertainment.

Among the aforementioned errands, we acquired another Lego sweatshirt for Laurel from the Lego outlet at Colorado Mills. (After I post the October photos to, you'll see a lot of the first sweatshirt -- solid red with the Lego logo in the center chest flanked by stock Lego-color horizontal stripes.) Also spent a little luxury money on used video games at EB Games, where I think the manager knows us by name because we thoroughly pick over the pre-owned bin every time we're in the mall.

Spent a bit over an hour at Himself's grandmother's house, where we pulled the stereo from our old car (now Cap'n Bob's), I laced the new steering wheel cover on our car, and we socialized with Bob, Grandma Dorothy and Pleas (Himself's step-grandfather). Among the amusing things that happened were a thorough discussion of safety/mechanical failure videos that Bob liked -- the highlight was a Russian video where they tried dropping a vehicle from a cargo jet from 50' sans parachute, finding Bob's pipe while getting our miscellaneous tools out of the old car, and retrieving the 50-caliber blanks from same.

Something you'll only hear while playing Diablo: "This is lame! I can't pick up the rest of my corpse." -- spoken in a whining voice by Himself.
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