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New license plates, Asian food goodness and working on photos.

The new car has plates, but not the ones we wanted as the old plates are still in Betty's name for reasons we haven't figured out yet. (We had the registration and plates changed when we bought the Isuzu from her, but promptly got NC plates as insurance rates there were better at the time.)

Since he wanted to get plates today (the temp tags are good for another month), we have fugly green-sky plates for the Thunderbird. I am not so happy about it, but we compromised and he's agreed not to cover the back in bumper stickers again, which I think looks like ass. (No offense meant, mountain_hiker.)

After our in-town errands (DMV, gas, and acquiring a new scraper/brush) we headed down to Robert's grandparents to pull the stereo and other items we left from the Isuzu, only to find it wasn't there. We left a message and decided to hit the Asian markets at Alameda Square in search of that adzuki bean ice cream I've been craving since August.

An hour and a half later, we went off in search of dinner with a quart of ice cream, three flavors of Pocky, a bag of milk candy, several pairs of plastic chopsticks to keep in the car and assorted seasonings and sauces to restock what I'd depleted in attempting to cook gonzo-style.

Laurel was napping when we got home, but when she woke up and heard "Pocky", she was all sweetness and affection until she was ready for bed a few hours later. She'll be even happier tomorrow when she finds out we got her a jar of sliced pickled ginger -- and when we finish it, we've agreed the 3-gallon jar at Pacfic Ocean International Supermarket is our next stop.

I'm only partway through picking and prepping the best <40 photos from October to put up on Immediately after answering my sister's call asking how long until they'd be up, my brother said "you can take photos of my car I'm selling as soon as it's back from the shop, right?" There's no way I can say no since the other *good* digital camera (the HP 612 new to me last Christmas) is down at my sister's and if I do say no, Dad will Catholic guilt trip me into it anyway. Expect to see a blurb mentioning a 1991 Acura Integra for sale in denver in a few weeks.
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