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Very strange. I decided to put a few hours in on my alumni obligation today and while I was digging up contact information and sending e-mails as usual, I got a wild hair to look up a friend I dated briefly in high school (his mother didn't like me and I later heard he took me in as a "charity" case because of the socioeconomic gap between us) and is probably in his senior year at a private college where his parents are alumni.

I'm not entirely sure how I made the leap from there, but I wound up finding out Trev (Jeff Moody, for Evergreen readers) is on LJ. This may be the most exciting person to be unearthed from my past through LJ, or at least second to iconoplast finding me.


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Nov. 5th, 2003 02:43 am (UTC)
It was his father that saw me as a prole. I don't think A. was acutely socially aware at the time of the socioeconomic gap (ask me in IM if you want specifics).

We met during Madrigal rehearsal [1] my junior year after a wannabe diva [2] kept trying to bean geeks with a prop piece of mistletoe hanging from a stick. He found out I walked home after rehearsal and offered me a standing ride although it was an extra mile for him every night. It was a nice change from walking uphill into the wind and I'm a sucker for nice gestures like that. I saved a piece of mistletoe out from set breakdown and gave it to him after the last show to thank him and things went from there.

As it turned out, he welcomed help with history so I spent time at his house, we went out on some awkward high-school dates (ask me about going to see Mars Attacks! with him, dreamsofxion and another comic shop regular), and I had dinner a few times at his house with him, his mother and younger brother (his father was away much of the year with business).

When I finally met his father, one of his first questions was how much my family made. After I answered honestly, his parents became less friendly and hinted that he should find someone more suitable. We mutually agreed that we should stop dating, and that was that.

In the years afterward I heard he got into the elite private school his parents had wanted him in for years, he'd lost his baby fat (when we were dating I knew he had a personal trainer, but he was good-looking before then) and was apparently quite the catch, and then that he'd gotten into the private college mentioned in my initial post and was majoring in pre-med.

Now I'm wavering over whether to e-mail him. I know I have nothing to lose, but I don't want to stir up any unpleasant memories for him because he still has one of the few soft spots in my cold little heart.

1. Madrigal Dinner is the primary fundraiser for the choir program at Evergreen; it's a dinner-theater show written, directed and performed by students, with a catered meal served by students not in the primary cast and after the four years I was involved with it, it is The Sign that it's winter holiday season...

2. K. was nothing more than a wannabe diva to me. She was a freshman that year and constantly tried to attach herself to a friend of mine that was a senior (and a friend of mine since middle school, when we were in most of the same classes; keep in mind the class ahead of mine at Evergreen had my grade peers because I repeated junior year in order to attend D'Evelyn) and I laughed when he got her to stop hanging on his arm one day and said "I just lost a 130-pound growth." Ran into her in Dec 1999 when Himself was on leave and Michael and I talked him into playing pool at one of our (meaning pre-Himself) hangouts when Evergreen friends from my old class reserved a table next to ours... and she was hanging on another one of them. It was damned amusing to have her shooting frosty looks while the three of us were enjoying ourselves.
Nov. 5th, 2003 03:10 am (UTC)
Ah, OK, that's good. For a little bit, I was thinking that it was him who was all "Oh, poor you!" or something (which, I admit, made me think it was odd that you'd -want- to contact him again...), but it's good to know that he was actually reasonably cool about the thing, it was just his parents who were utterly retarded about everything.

(Sorry for deleting my other post, I got a little paranoid about it, and thinking that you might have read it in some sort of anti-you sense, which I totally did not mean at all, obviously. So I deleted it, forgetting that you get stuff emailed to you, heh...)
Nov. 5th, 2003 03:33 am (UTC)
Eh, is no problem. I have a pretty thick skin about most things. I might be mildly offended if you posted something like "I smacked oddharmonic with my giant dong" because I've never seen that part of you and if that was going on, I'd like to be present, but yeah. You know what few things get me cranky.
Nov. 5th, 2003 03:48 am (UTC)

But yes, I know what you mean..8) I just still get paranoid. (I think my hang up was on the 'attempt to have sex' with line, in that, I don't know, somehow you'd read that to be me saying "cause yuo, liek totally have the sex a lot and this is bad1 lolo11!!11" Even though... yeah. That's... all wrong.)

Like I said, I get paranoid. And that always tends to have "for absoluely no reason other than those handful of ones that only make even the most tenuous of senses in my own mind".
Nov. 5th, 2003 04:24 am (UTC)
Trying to offend me by bringing up sex is like trying to make it rain by pouring a glass of water out the window. (:

I'm by turns paranoid, depressed, neurotic, anxious and manic, so I wouldn't worry about that either.

Now I want to say "giant dong" a lot because it makes me laugh. Pardon me while I tackle the giant dong sitting at the other computer in the room and take him to bed with me. (That might be seen as sexy, but the midget's been in bed for some time already and sleeps in the middle.)
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