Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu (oddharmonic) wrote,
Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

Massive crankiness.

After finding out that Progressive requires us to start a new policy to insure our newly-acquired car because of the state difference (our old policy was started in NC, although we changed it to CO when he got here last month), Himself tried to print off a temporary ID card so we could get the new car registered. He couldn't and told me Progressive website's code for viewing/printing policy documents was broken, but failed to tell me which browser he was using so I could rule that out as a cause.

Since he neglected to tell me his problem was in Opera, I logged into and found out that it handles the ASP-served document display (geeks: their high-resolution document images are PNGs) by trying to download the ASPX file instead of displaying it in the browser window. I log out and log back in from an IE window only to find that Progressive only allows one request to view insurance ID cards a day, showing a "request has been processed" page about sending permanent ID cards via postal mail after one attempt at viewing.

I do, however, have access to the policy declaration and figure that will be enough for us to register the new car since Colorado requires proof of insurance in order to register vehicles. I load those up but when I try to print, my printer gives an insufficient memory error (it has 4Mb onboard memory expandable to 384Mb). If I was unpacked enough to have spare sticks accessible, I'd add memory myself, but I don't and when Himself sees the error message instead of the policy dec page, he goes off on how the printer has more problems than it's worth. (This is only the second time it's given me an error message instead of printing. The first time was because he plugged it into a different USB port than I installed it on, so Windows XP had two USB virtual printer ports registered and was trying to send data to the one not in use --- easily resolved.) I saved the policy declaration files on the desktop and offer to send the documents to the family room printer downstairs, but he wants them off the laser printer.

Between the house line ringing again (most of today's calls have been hang-ups and one was in Spanish, which I guess stresses him out), Laurel whining because the cable's out and him upset because we can't register the car without proof of insurance, he asks what's crawled up my ass and if it's still cramps.

I think I showed a lot of restraint in telling him to leave the room instead of doing something to give him a rough idea of what it feels like to be out of cramp bark so I can feel the full effect of 10 years of endometriosis. He doesn't want to drive down to Denver to buy more since the local Vitamin Cottage doesn't carry it and would take a week to come in if they special-ordered it for me.

I've felt like there's a microplane grater rubbing against the outside of the majority of the organs in my abdominal cavity for three days now. It also feels like it's shedding clots just like my actual period (I pass clots ranging from grape to plum-size every period) so I get value-added discomfort from that. Add to that I'm filling my Keeper (approximately 1 oz.) every 4-5 hours so yes, I am a raging bitch that can't zip even size-too-large pants up and just wants her regular cramp bark and squaw vine so the pain is at a managable level.

Toward that end, I've closed myself off in the bedroom so I don't say anything I'll regret to him. Unfortunately, it means the midget's angry that she can't climb all over me like she usually does and he probably hasn't made her lunch yet. *sighs* I'll have to rectify that, but I'm finding a stool because lunch is not worth standing that long.
Tags: 004_computers, cranky, himself, sick

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