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[repeats] I am not a bundle of rage, I am not a bundle of rage...

Last month, my older sister was supervising a group of students working on a Homecoming parade float after school at a student's home when some anonymous loser threw a brick through her driver's window and swiped her purse. When she called Denver police, they told her she could come in and file a report the next day or she could file online. She went in ASAP to file and notified the necessary places that her purse had been stolen and she didn't want to be held liable for any transactions she didn't make.

A few weeks later, she got a letter from 7-11 telling her that a check from her account written out there bounced. She called the store that the check bounced at and explained that it was a stolen check. It turned out they don't require photo ID for checks under $60. They keep their security tapes for 30 days, so she asked them to review their tapes from the time the check was written. Nothing back from them yet.

Last week, another of the stolen checks was made out for $500 at a Target store. When they called her (her home number is on her checks), she found out they didn't ask for a picture ID on that because her driver's license number was preprinted on the check.

Because she filed a police report well before the loser used her stolen checks, she's not liable for the cost of them. I'm glad at least that much of the US justice system works, but I want to know why the hell these people aren't being asked for picture ID? I rarely write checks for anything other than student loan payments, but I wrote one or two a month back in North Carolina when I ordered pizza on Friday nights Himself didn't get a dinner break. Even though I was a regular customer for two years and have never bounced a check in my life, I had to provide photo ID, two phone numbers Himself or I could be reached at, and a license/ID number before my check was accepted and I got that pizza.

The more I have to deal with people, the more I understand why Himself thinks we should stay the hell away from them. I have to give up all sorts of personal information to write a $20 check for pizza delivery, but if I smash and grab somebody's purse in Denver, I can go on a shopping spree at Target and not get so much as a passing glance when I check out.

If I find out who did it, there might be pictures.
Tags: 306.85_family, 340_law, 978.8_colorado, cranky

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