Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu (oddharmonic) wrote,
Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

Weekend in fragmented paragraphs (contains ranting and whining).

Snippets from this weekend, in rough chronological order:

- The circus rocked. I'll post pictures as soon as I get Gallery running smoothly; it took a crap after moved to a new colo server.

- Himself wound up babysitting over the weekend. His mother got a last-minute deal and decided his 14-year-old sister was mature enough to spend three nights alone with Himself checking in. Instead, she spent the $30 allotted for three days' dinner on non-food uses by Friday night and expected us to buy her meals since she can't cook. She and her friends also turned the rear power switch on our PS2 off while it was still spinning a disc. Damn kids. I'm so glad I got common sense instead of charisma.

- Himself caught up with willpower16, who is now piercing at Body Graffix Tattoo on West Colfax. It's not well-known yet that they now offer piercing, so if you're looking for one give them a ring at 303-232-1350 and ask for Will.

- I must find a childfree theatre because even the late shows have way too many kids I'm sure are breaking county curfew by being there. Aside from the sprogs wrestling in the aisle to our left during the previews and beginning of School of Rock, I enjoyed the movie and the new-to-us theatre at Colorado Mills. Should have taped those stupid kids' mouths shut, though.

- Javier still works at Romantix, the adult store on Wadsworth just north of Colfax. We stopped in Saturday night and caught up with him and I pondered buying cyberskin female parts for deployed friends before realizing it's probably illegal to ship them over there. They give a 15% discount with military ID. (:

- When IHOP is out of blueberries, I'd rather go without fruit because the one on West Colfax puts strawberries on so it looks like something was murdered on my waffle. The service was slow as hell too, so next time we go out for brunch we're going to Yanna's off Alameda and Sheridan, where the quality makes up for the rare slow service.

- If we had any chance of renting the cabin, I'd jump at the chance. Everyone was up there on Saturday and Sunday to mow the lawn area and weed the beds since it hasn't been done since the last tenant moved out this summer. The interior needs a thorough cleaning but it's the most adorable little log cabin. For those of you familiar with the area, it's at the corner of North Turkey Creek and Starlight. I am itching to spread some wildflower seed so it'll be in bloom when my sister gets married next summer.

And one last thing: to combat the whole "trendy children's stores make me want to projectile vomit" vibe and the furry trim on the Children's Place coat Amy bought Laurel last year getting caught in the zipper every time, I acquired a little leather bomber jacket with a faux-shearling collar for a song (yay outlet store find). She loves it because the zipper pull looks like an airplane. I love it because it'll last her at least two cold seasons because it's a size large. (:
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