Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu (oddharmonic) wrote,
Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

More moving fun, unrelated news, and a funny grammar-related exchange.

Himself's departure got pushed back yet another day when our soon-to-be-former landlord decided to make a stink about the floors. (He was supposed to leave Monday morning but the friend slated to help load the truck has his work schedule screwed over, so he loaded it by himself and then racked out because he was in no shape to drive.) I hope he makes it out ahead of any weird weather from the hurricane since my memories of how people drive in NC in pouring rain with <10' visibility are disturbing.

In unrelated news:
- I have a head cold and sound like my upper respiratory tract is full of expanding foam, so I expect I'll sound weird on the phone until it clears up. Because of the cold and how the little burrito let me know she didn't want to swim at Monday's class (a couple kicks in the hip joint, knees in my chest and screaming), she'll be in the pool with my mom for Wednesday's class.
- The poster I did an illo for and laid out for Cougar Pride was well received. Now they want to know if I can do the same for a flyer they need for next week, so we'll see what my angry drunken muse feels like in the morning. I should bother them about their website not having been updated in two years, although I'm not up for another maintenance project until I get TODCRA's migration to Movable Type done.
- D'Evelyn Homecoming is this Saturday. I've been invited down to welcome fellow alumni; any Jags wanting to go along would be welcome (like karaksindru or any of our mutual friends). I'll post more on it when I hear back from the Foundation president, who invited me.

Mom overheard the following today at work. (Gallagher is an English teacher at Evergreen HS.)
Student: What's up?
Gallagher: A preposition.
Student: What?
Gallagher: Interrogative.
Student: What's up?
Gallagher: A direction.

ex_dervish821, a two-pack of plain auto-sensor nightlights and a spoon rest were mailed today.
dahunk2003: I spotted a bolt of pre-printed panels to make an accent-size (12-14") square pillow with the Seattle Mariners logo among the markdown fabric when I was out today. Couldn't beat the price of $1 per panel, so I bought one and would like to make you a pillow if you'd like one. Drop me an e-mail for details.
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