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Baby deer, what I've been up to, and new Laurel words.

Another reason why I love Evergreen: yesterday afternoon I popped out onto the deck to pick up toys before the afternoon storms came in and saw three baby deer following a doe between our two immediate downhill downhill neighbors and then come up to our swingset before turning north toward the golf course. (For those of you not familiar with my neighborhood, it's a narrow triangle sandwiched between a public golf course, a road separating the neighborhood from the local elementary and high school, and an open space park.)

I've been keeping busy here with such exciting things as ongoing work on Sarah's underwater room (I'll post more on it later), starting a twice-weekly parent-tot swim class with Laurel, doing illustration and print work for Cougar Pride (Dad's on their board), and generally wreaking havoc.

0901_10dadmixingOur Labor Day home improvement project was pouring a stoop for the side (kitchen) door. While we were heading out of Home Depot with the concrete, Dad said he wasn't sure if he wanted to stop by The Hardware to look for one item we still needed, and I replied, "Why not? 480 pounds is just like driving around with Aunt Irma." Mom laughed, but unfortunately that's probably not too far off Irma's size.

0901_05laurelchichiWe pet-sat Amy and Branden's chinchilla and betta over the weekend. I scared him a couple of times by joking I had given Chi-Chi a haircut to even things out to the length of a nibbled patch on her left side; Laurel loved "chiwi chiwi" to the point where we had to limit the amount of contact since her volume and excitement made the prehensile furball nervous. Sarah kept their betta in her room after Laurel tried to tap on the glass.

Laurel's been spoiled silly by the abundance of children's programming here (two different PBS channels and three kids' cable channels) and has picked up the "dance" from the Play With Me Sesame ad on Noggin, so I hear "open, closed, open, closed / up and down and up and down / hot dog, hot dog / yum yum yum / [clap clap clap]" several times a day now. It's too cute to watch her do all the movements with it, especially the hip-swinging with the hot dog line.

0903_03laurelmelissapoolShe spent most of her first swim class more interested in the other kids than mastering today's skill, learning to enter the pool after a verbal cue (we use "ready, set, go") and into an adult's arms, but nearly threw a tantrum when it was time to get out -- the class is only half an hour -- but charmed the instructor and the lifeguard with her sentences. When the instructor tried to help Laurel get into a position of holding my shoulders and kicking her fet behind her, my little burrito got indignant and said "I want to see my feet!". Dad joined us about halfway through the class and took a few pictures, so I may post a shot in a later post after I unload my camera.

And to remind me that even once a night is enough to stick in her head, Mom answered a call on her cell phone from Amy with "Can you hear me now?". From across the living room, Laurel shouted "Good!" My brother now shows this off to anyone he brings in the house, along with trying to get her to say "T T F E -- Ta-ta... For.. Ever!" I think she picked that up from The Piglet Movie, which she saw for the first time after we got here.
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