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Catering to my massive garlic craving today, we went to Brooklyn Pizzeria solely for a double order of garlic knots. Laurel didn't love them as much as I did and drowned hers in marinara sauce. For a late dinner, he made the most garlicky steak imaginable, which is so luscious I could barely contain myself while eating.

Me: Dear god, this is even better than eating a woman.
Himself: It depends on how you'd prepare one.
... But if you don't like pork, you probably wouldn't like it.
Me: I didn't mean eating in a cannibalistic way.
Himself: I know, but I just thought of that and I liked the rather elaborate bit of pun.

Every time I catch Barbeque U on Sunday afternoons here, I wonder how such an effeminate man managed to land a show hosted from The Greenbrier resort in West Virginia. It's a good show for learning grill basics, but today I wanted to smack Raichlen's knuckles when I saw him layering white cheddar and sliced tomatoes as the main ingredients in a grilled quesadilla. If there is an afterlife, I am going to cover him with Monterey Jack and queso fresco until he cries uncle.

Today's episode of Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home on fruit desserts made me wish I'd taped it so I could later sample them saying "whip it", "crap" (how she pronounces crepe), and a really off-color sounding exchange about how he could crack the eggs and she'd grab them. I thought of the Monty Python line about the ridiculous [French] accent every time Jacques Pepin spoke, but I'm sure that's just because I've watched entirely too much British comedy.

The All Things Considered story this afternoon on the Rare Book School at UVA made me swoon with delight. Those of you who share my obsession with old paper and books would probably get a kick out of listening to the segment online.

Had a very enjoyable visit yesterday with oxymoron02 and her kids yesterday; photos from the swimming portion are up. Himself was especially tickled at the conversation and later joked that if all we had to do was drive an hour and a half for it, we should have done it more often while we were here. I just think finding people on our wavelength was highly unlikely in such a small town.

Last but not least, a happy belated birthday to tinder (my evil twin), caffeinediary (my favorite folkie), digitalusrex (more evil than Nick, and she has a great derriere to boot), and greenisgood (a friend of a friend). May our 23rd year live up to all the excitement of being a prime number and have much good music.


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Aug. 11th, 2003 11:52 am (UTC)
Well, you know, if you find more surplus kitchen stuff, I could justify a trip to Goldsboring to get it, presuming you are comfortable allowing me into your less-than-perfect-because-we're-prepping-to-move residence. I might even be able to bring my favorite NC native, who would understand Robert's physics jokes and is an excellent conversationalist, even if he is a geek. Not that that's a bad thing. booklegger is the only person I've found in Raleigh who is on my wavelength. You'd like him. Everyone I've introduced him to, mostly my family, does.

When I need a garlic fix, I always grab a jar of Emeril's Gaaahlic spaghetti sauce. Yummy!
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