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When Weekend All Things Considered ended, we scrambled to find something on TV to watch since sports crap usually preempts weekend evening news. Carefully avoiding Lawrence Welk (which PBS shows, whee), I stumbled across the Mrs. World pageant on PAX.

Note to self if I ever get a lobotomy and wind up directing something like that:
- Dozens of women doing syncopated movements out of sync looks stupid;
- Asymmetrical one-sleeved dresses covered in sequins remind me of cheap hookers;
- If you're going to have dozens of women swing their hips to "All That Jazz", don't half-ass it;
- Slim skirts are a stupid idea if you're including a kick line, especially with a group that can't do anything in sync; and
- If you're going to have a line of people do a cascading movement, practice it until they can do it fluidly.

I wonder if I can file with them for the minute of my life I was too stunned to change the channel back.


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Aug. 3rd, 2003 10:42 am (UTC)
this is a response to your post about gay marriages.

your comment is a kin to one i've made for years. mostly due to gay bashing. sure, the Bible says it's an 'abomination', but it also says that adultery is a shameful sin worthy of judgement. and that it is ' a fire that burns to destruction.' those sound pretty serious.

it's just another example of people's 'Biblical Buffet' game. whatever suits them to pull out, they do. reminds me of this baptist church that is paying white people $10 an hour to attend their church. (they want to intergrate it) opposers are saying that the money could be better spent to help the poor. the pastor surprised me by making a good point (and exposing the opposers for players of the Biblical Buffet) when he said, 'i doubt those objecting to the way the money is spent are actively helping the poor anyway. ' i'd put my own money up to support that assumption.

in reading the Old Testament i have come across some laws that i KNOW no one is upholding, no matter how devout. i haven't heard of ANYONE killing their own kid for stubbornness or failure to obey their parents. that whole cattle sacrifice thing seems to have vanished from most of the earth too. people are full of it! no wonder Jesus said that " Few " would enter through the narrow gate.
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