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Despite the TV weather forecasters on the Raleigh, Greenville and Jacksonville channels all saying there wasn't any activity in our area for last Thursday night (17 July), the official word from the base is that we got five inches of rain in around three hours. On top of already saturated ground, the front yard was submerged to the front steps for most of Friday and didn't fully recede until Sunday afternoon.


It left us with no dialtone and a call to BellSouth said they'd send out a technician within a week or two. Dialtone came back Friday night, but there was a buzz on the line so loud that any conversation was at a shouting level (when the line didn't close after 30 seconds) and when we could get the modem to connect to our ISP, it was at speeds I hadn't seen since 1995. I decided to give things a few more days to dry out before I went medieval on BS (a fitting abbreviation) and I can now connect in the 24k-28k range, which is depressing but better than nothing.

On the note of better than nothing, it looks like my impending period will start 20 days after my last one ended (almost normal for me, yay vitamins), I finished the coloring pages for Rosie Ring-Around, himself is doing outprocessing next week, and Laurel has mastered doorknobs, which has enabled her to let herself outside and close herself in the closet at least once daily (it must be all the soy *g*). Her latest new phrase is "Cool, isn't it".

Geek.net is finally making its big move (to a new location) this weekend, so expect downtime Saturday and Sunday and possibly a bit before and afterward. Thanks.


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Jul. 24th, 2003 03:49 pm (UTC)
Our driveway does this at the end of winter when the snow melts...we call it Lake Zimmer :)
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