Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu (oddharmonic) wrote,
Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

I'm back, front, and possibly sideways.

I didn't plan on taking a vacation from my computer, but the tiredness and regular hot flashes forced my hand. Since I still have several days until being seen at the clinic, I was reminded to Heal Thyself and dug through our medical and alt-med texts for ideas.

Since Friday I've been carefully megadosing vitamins (8000 IU A, a high potency B complex, 1000mg C and 400 IU E once each daily) and I feel _much_ better (stopped the hot flashes and the menorraghia/cramping) though I'm still feeling a bit tired. Chasing after Laurel as much as I did before this hormonal misery laid me out yesterday, but I'm glad I had the energy to leave the house at all.

That said, we had a pretty interesting four-day weekend... Ran errands on Thursday including a stop at Coastal for Himself to get a new PSU since the one that came with the butterfly-windowed case had three of the holes stripped out. We left with that and a kid-oriented pen tablet (Aiptek StartWriter) I found in the clearance bin for $10. I'll write more on it after I download the latest drivers for it since the ones that came with it are geared towards Win98. Meh.

Nearly everyone with a standing invitation to our "blow sh*t up until we run out or the police arrive" celebration apparently found other things to do. I made a double batch of rolls (a dozen cloverleaf, 18 Parker House), cherry-chocolate cupcakes and Himself marinated some top sirloin steaks and sauteed up Vidalia onions and garlic to go with. kenwestervelt was the only person to eat with us, but a couple folks showed up after we'd started in on the fireworks. Himself fired them off from 2100 to 2230 and I photographed bits of it for our later amusement. Left a few singed spots on the yard but it was fun and Laurel enjoyed over half of the show before falling asleep on me. After the show, the latecomers left for other places and we watched Terminator 2.

Saturday had been slated for Himself to assist two friends in the procuring of bicycles, but the store they wanted to hit was closed. He loaned the spare bike to one friend and will go bike-part hunting later this week. Afterward we headed up to Raleigh to return a router we'd recently bought to Best Buy (Jake offered us his old one shortly after we bought it) and spent some time there, CompUSA and Edward McKay -- no point in driving that far without looking at books. Despite Jake's pickiness about food, we had a late dinner at Vincent's Pizza and I'm still working on the leftovers from my cheese calzone. *swoons*

Some kids egged the car while Himself and Laurel were running Jake home, but they should count themselves lucky -- if they hadn't managed to disappear while the guys were looking for them, they would have laid into those kids since their parents obviously weren't keeping tabs on them. I'm satisfied in the knowledge that they were more than likely locals (they egged the car heading into town on Berkeley a few blocks in from the New Hope Road light) and will spend the rest of their lives rotting in Goldsboro.

We spent most of Sunday with kenwestervelt. Ran him a few places since his van is temporarily down, checked out his new place (nice place, like the natural lighting, scary kitchen wallpaper, lots of white walls), and eventually went out to dinner since it was our wedding anniversary. Hikari's is closed on Sundays and China House (the only _good_ Chinese in town) is closed for another week and change for vacation, so we wound up going with China King, the takeout place across from Wal-Mart. It's not bad, better than any of the nasty buffets all over town, but their food is so salty I barely had anything. Killed most of the evening between a three-way hotseat game of Heroes of Might & Magic 4, working on my big cross-stitch piece, and watching Law & Order.
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