Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu (oddharmonic) wrote,
Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

What I did for my birthday...

I'd planned on sleeping in, but Mom's 0730 breakfast meeting ran until 1000 (team-building they could have saved for another time, especially since this was non-paid time) and the munchkin woke up well before that. Since I was cold and had no intention of getting up, we watched -- well, she watched and I tried to sleep -- Sesame Street in our bedroom for awhile.

During this time, someone sniped an eBay auction I was winning in its last minute. So much for getting the Playskool dollhouse baby and dog (all we're missing from our hand-me-down), but at least I have the satisfaction of them having wasted six bucks since my maximum bid was $10 but the highest bid was listed at $3.75 when they sniped me... but back to my day.

Got up, attempted to look human and called the courthouse again (one of these days they will have to pay me for jury duty from June -- between travel costs and their generous $3/hour for childcare, they owe me over $200) in hopes of finding a user there where clue > 0.

After two rounds of appeasing the short person by watching Elmo's Magic Cookbook and an hour of sewing repair (Stitch Witchery and muslin, then about 5" double rows of blind stitching by hand) to the seat of the new-to-her doll stroller, Dad decided we should go out to lunch. Since Caffe di Lucca was too expensive for his taste (half a Bellagio and a large italian soda is about $6), we went down the hill to Fazoli's.

Dad was his usual self but the food didn't suck too much. He did horribly tease me by offering to stop at Best Buy (so I could look at modems and a PC cable for my GPS -- a birthday gift from Himself) but, as expected, we passed the store twice and he decided not to stop.

On the way home got dragged through Wal-Mart so Sarah could buy school supplies by repeating "I can't find this" until I took the list and found everything a few minutes and picked up more painting supplies for Dave's car, which he thinks he's going to sell for $5k. Thankfully I was not dragged into the supermarket although Laurel likes the penny horse ride there.

After returning home, in no particular order:
- sorted mail, tossing crap from political candidates, credit card offers and propaganda from William Bennett (who knows how we got on his mailing list, I wish we could dump him on North Korea or Iraq);
- worked on my current needlework project;
- picked up Cheerios Laurel tossed all over the interior of my parents' car;
- took a nap; and
- ate Boston creme pie (hey, someone remembered I hate store-bought cake!).

Also watched an episode of Law & Order: SVU I'd missed on its first showing, had a nice, albeit brief, conversation with Himself, and bid on some other Playskool dollhouse accessories on eBay.

Still looking for the baby and dog, so if you can hook me up I'll make you something (watercolor, needlework, miniature quilt, hand-sewn clothing, batik panel, whathaveyou) of your choosing in return.

Tomorrow fulvius is stopping by and may loan me a modem that isn't an Acer piece of work as well as run out to Radio Shack so we can look at shiny things. *g* (Since I was on a network the first year I had Lara, I didn't know the modem refused to work at ambient room temps over 65 degrees Fahrenheit until around the time the warranty expired. Never buy Acer. Ask me about the speakers and the monitor if you'd like a real horror story.)

And now that I'm tired, I'm shutting up and going to bed.
Tags: 004_computers, 306.85_family, 381.177_ebay, 394.264_holidays, 640.73_shopping, 648_housekeeping

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