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I was stunned (like a blow to the head) when I saw a post in atkins_recipes from nooneatall, who's apparently on a vegan recruiting drive:

hello. I am a vegan. your probably wondering why I would join this community. well I joined to let you know that their is a much healthier diet out there, my diet... the vegan diet, if done properly with the right exercise the pounds with just disappear and it will stay that way because with the vegan diet you have so much incentive because you don't just do it for yourself. and it makes you feel great about yourself, it really does. for more information you can comment on here or you can go to:
trust me it's worth simply checking out.

I replied:
How does this relate to Atkins-friendly recipes? The community information clearly states:
"This is a community for sharing low-carb recipes" and "This is not the place to post your disagreement with the idea of the Atkins diet in general. This is a support community for dieters to share recipes and kitchen tips."

Also, you're grammar could use some improvement their. *clears throat*
In further comments she went on about how terrible eating meat is and that she just wants to educate people to the "better way" so they aren't close-minded and selfish meat-eaters.

After seeing her replies to comments at atkins_recipes, I got suspicious. Turns out she'd posted the same thing, typos and all, to atkins_daily, atkins_diet and atkinsaustralia. While I respect veganism and vegetarianism, this kid's approach makes me want to slap her with bacon (with apologies to tinder, whose bacon-slapping was meaningful).

EDIT: I've already gotten two comments from people pointing out I misused "you're" and "their" in that reply. I should save my wit for the people who appreciate it.


Jun. 25th, 2003 03:07 am (UTC)
Re: eek
Heh, as an amusing aside about the self-righteousness; I once knew a girl who would get on her High Horse because she doesn't eat Mammals, and feels TERRIBLY that she still would eat Chicken and Fish, but how it's WRONG and HORRIBLE and whatnot, and then after a bit of pressing, it was discovered that the _real_ reason was that she just didn't like beef/pork.

So, uh, yeah. I don't eat tomatoes, say, but it's not because of any perceived Moral Quandary or anything -- I just hate the taste of the rat-bastards.

And, I mean, one could have that Moral Stance, coupled with the benefit of not liking the taste, that's cool [and hey, I'd imagine it'd be a benefit to the vegitarian lifestyle, since it's not hard to give up things that you dislike anyway, and disliking a taste and being upset by the conditions of meat animals/unhealthiness of meat/other reasons aren't mutually exclusive conditions], but... it was obvious from knowing her/her other characteristics/her rationale/etc. that it was basically because it was Hip To Not Eat Certain Things, And Be Self-Righteous About It. And it was kinda funny, because when it came up, she made a huge deal out of it, like it was some sort of Huge Sacrifice.

It would have really bugged me if it just weren't so... hilarious.

But... yeah. I'm not a vegitarian, but if someone else is, cool. If someone is just because they hate the taste of meat, cool. If they are because they feel it's morally wrong, cool. I just don't like the... evangelizing. Or deciding to go with the more Sexy Reason, even if that's not the real one. Because, hey, how I see it, "I don't like the taste" is 100% as legitimate a reason as the more traditonally-acceptable ones.

So, basically, I'm just presenting this story as One Person, not as a "alla youse are like that!!1" or anything, because, well, that seems to me, just as bad/stupid as the Vegan in the Atkins group.

...sadly, I think the only reason I need to clarify is just that there's a lot of self-righteous Meat Eaters, too. Although that role is occasionally fun to play to mess with people (i.e., when confronted with a Self-Righteous Vegetarian), it's a bit silly. Although, the look on their faces when you tell them that you have meat with every meal just to get the great taste of cruelty, and if you're forced to have a meatless meal, you like to call up a slaughterhouse just to berate a cow over the phone....


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