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Which Laura Cantrell disc to buy?

I finally splurged and bought DFX Enhanced and while I was at it, I picked up the two Laura Cantrell MP3s from her site I didn't already have.

Since I have them all now, I want to buy her albums. The question is, do I buy When The Roses Bloom Again, Not The Tremblin' Kind, or both? (For those of you only familiar with her free MP3s, "Churches Off the Interstate" and "Not the Tremblin' Kind" are off NTTK, "All the Same to You", "Conqueror's Song" and "When the Roses Bloom Again" are off WTRBA.) Any input appreciated.

And revme? I still owe you for introducing me to her last summer. (:
Tags: 640.73_shopping, 780_music

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