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Steak Barn, splurging at Big Lots, scanning patterns, Games magazine and Laurel phrases.

The weekend (so far) has been much better than the past week.

0613_rainbowWe went to the Steak Barn (on Grantham/70 Bypass heading toward Raleigh, 919-734-3544) last night since Himself was craving steak. It was surprisingly quiet for a Friday night, but they had certified Angus beef. The interior was a bit dark and vinyl-feeling for my taste, but the food was decent and Laurel behaved very well after she fell for the bread with cinnamon butter.

Since we were in that end of town, we stopped by Big Lots after dinner and picked up a few fun little things: Games Magazine Interative (original and sequel for $6 each!), the entire Zork series on CD-ROM, and a LEGO Duplo set with Winnie-the-Pooh and Piglet figurines to feed Laurel's fledgling LEGO fascination. (Several bins of LEGO bricks from Himself's childhood are at his mother's house. My old LEGOs are still being played with by my little sister.)

Saturday was quiet with me saving cross-stitch patterns to PDF format to share (Sunchild and Siannan, I'll be mailing the promised patterns to you sometime this week) and Himself playing with the aforementioned Games Magazine discs, where we found we're best at completely opposite categories of games. If it's still around, I'd love to subscribe again. Also made a run out to Lowe's and the guts of both toilets have been replaced, ending the interminable wait since I asked the landlord about it (he told us to call him for repairs, but I've been waiting since September on the two broken windows). Things are about as good as they can get here.

Laurel's conversational skills are awfully piecemeal even with all the conversation she hears. As I was brushing my hair so I could put it up before we went out, she came running up to me shouting "Oh my dosh! Oh my dosh!" I asked her what was going on and she replied, "Meatballs!" I still don't get it. (:
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