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Photos: Golden Grant, book fair trucks, tree and orchid in bloom.

I made a joke about Abelian grapes today and Kevin laughed. It is nice that despite the craptacular job market, unseasonably cold weather, and our unevenly stocked pantry, some things are still funny.

A happy part of what has been contributing to the unevenly stocked pantry is that a Tweet-length job-hunting story I submitted in February was chosen for a Golden Grant, so we received a dozen boxes of Golden Grahams:

Golden Grahams Golden Grant box

Laurel reports that they are good dry.

It's book fair time again, so my weekdays will be tied up with that through next Monday. Even though I feel exhausted before it even starts, I will bring my A-game because it's a whole week of new-book smell and talking about kiddie lit with real live people. Setup was today after the truck arrived:

Book fair truck unloading

I will be sick of the sound this book makes by Wednesday afternoon:

I Am an Ice Cream Truck

Since I missed taking a photo of the pink hyacinths I saw earlier this month before they went by, here's a blooming tree that doesn't smell like meat (*cough* Bradford pears):

Blushing tree

Also, the orchid that I have been watering for the past four years decided to bloom:

Orchid in bloom
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