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Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

Sleepover, fluffball, and a dolphin in my ear.

Last-minute sleepover. Girls are thrilled. I am a little "augh!" but will roll with it because really, what else is there to do? They are currently dinking around on the recorder (they just started recorder karate) and reading bits aloud from The Daring Book for Girls. Apparently it includes a bit on how to summon Bloody Mary.

The girls notice the camera.

Operation Kindness had no room for the fluffball, so he's staying with us. I dubbed him Doolittle. He's much more consistent with litter box use but I've been using pet wipes (dollar store find) on him because I don't think he's too fastidious about cleaning yet. (I was using a blacklight to look for the source of a mystery smell and shined it on his belly, which lit up. Ew.) He likes to bait Squeaky and hide in an empty box. He also constantly chirps like a busted low-battery beep, but it's not a particular word like Squeaky's discernible 'words' for water, food, and various people.

Box of cat

I am coming down with a cold, surprisingly only my first one this month. I am not particularly bothered by it since it's a change from the probable ear infection that's made popping and clicking sounds in my left ear for a few weeks. Perhaps I merely have a dolphin in there and not an ear infection.
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