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Halfway through winter break...

Winter break is halfway through (yay!) and has been just as interesting as I'd expect it to be. We've had a few startling-awake incidents with Kevin, some progress in getting the kitten to poop in the right place, and a whole lot of dragging Laurel out when the weather wasn't too cold.

We've done the circuit of local thrift stores once and possibly doing it again this week as I continue keeping an eye out for a certain style of coat for a friend and finding crazy deals along the way. In the past week I've scored a Children's Place packable anorak (a half-zip windbreaker/raincoat that folds into an integrated storage pouch) new with tags for $2 and a Kate Spade handbag for $4. While I dislike retail store shopping, I enjoy thrift stores.

We also met phoena and her husband for coffee, which was fun. I wish we had normal neighbors like that, I'd be a lot more social! (Laurel has been playing daily with the item since Christmas morning. I picked up Cooking Mama for her stocking and now I get to hear her blowing into the microphone to cool off dishes.)

In other neat pre-Giftmas fun, I was one of five randomly selected entrants in Hanna Andersson's holiday photo share on Facebook to receive a $100 gift card. I plan to mail it on to my sisters to shop at their Colorado Mills outlet Park Meadows store to get the most bang for the buck. ETA: They have a Dallas store at Northpark Center. I've been in that mall once and have no desire to go in it again.

I am just getting around to my gingerbread construction this week after feeling blah on Christmas Eve and then full-out awful on Christmas Day with a virulent stomach bug. Photos and templates are forthcoming!
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