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Update: new sick, allergic to kitten, a little extra money, a little shopping and gingerbread time!

Now is the winter of our discount tent.To quote Miss May's icon, now is the winter of our discount tent. I finally shook that lingering cough to get a sudden onset sore throat and now I've got swollen lymph nodes on the front and sides of my neck. It looks funny but that's turtlenecks are good for hiding it.

I am turning out to be somewhat allergic to the long-haired kitten we are caring for, so we are going to put him on the waiting list to go to Operation Kindess and just hang onto him until they can take him. Squeaky is being extremely patient with the kitten's repeated attempts to jump on him and follow him like a shadow everywhere, but the kitten has been scratching more than I like (swatting Kevin's face in his sleep and damaging all of our pants and my desk chair even though I apply catnip spray to the kitty condo, cat tree, and hanging scratcher) and eliminating inappropriately, pooping repeatedly on the master bath's shower mat and in Laurel's bathtub -- and peeing on Laurel's winter coat this morning. He's a sweet lovey boy but we do not have the time and energy to train him properly.

I made two big-for-me Etsy sales this week so now I have funds to purchase and send some holiday gifts to Colorado for my younger relatives. Younger siblings will get iTunes gift cards, niece and nephew will get some books (they have tons of everything so that's my token gift for them). I still have to ask Betty for suggestions for Himself's younger sister and her toddler.

Tomorrow Laurel and I are making an expedition by DART bus. My vintage dealer friend is having a holiday open house and there's a Kohl's along the route up Preston so we're going to use my gift card there from last Christmas for Laurel to pick out some stuff, probably shoes or boots.

Sunday I will be baking gingerbread: cookies for the school art club party on Monday and a stiffer-for-building gingerbread for the M1A2 tank and gingerbread infantry scene. If anyone's interested, I'll make a printable template of the tank parts for anyone who wants to make their own. Sometime during the week I'll make more cookies for the classroom party on Friday and assemble two dozen mini gingerbread-style houses from square graham crackers for the same party.
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