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Book fair is this week, so I'll be at the school all day helping kids write their wish lists, straightening the shelves, and later trying to encourage kids with money burning a hole in their pocket to hold onto it if they aren't going to use it on books because the school supplies are overpriced. (The 99-cent bendable pencils can be found for a quarter on Walgreens' clearance rack this past spring; the 3.99 miniature composition books, always a buck apiece at Family Dollar. The only non-book items I'd buy at book fair are bookmarks.)

I have planned ahead to avoid the lure of $3 hot lunch in the cafeteria (not that I wouldn't eat it, that's just too rich for my budget) and scored a packet of wheat flatbread on the bakery clearance rack so I will be eating PBJs on flatbread this week. Nom.

I am still debating whether to go to the PTA meeting/book fair evening on Tuesday. We can probably get a ride home if we walk over and it's already a given I won't be staffing the book fair evening, but the juggling/comedy performance for the kids sounds more interesting to me than the 40 Assets presentation for the adults. (After working with a now-defunct nonprofit that pushed them, whenever I think of 40 Assets I hear Billy Mays copypasta in my head. And I personally put two scoops in my coffee every morning!)

Nutshell: don't expect me to be terribly coherent if you catch me on IM this week. I will try my best not to ramble at you about new book titles if you do, though.


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Oct. 20th, 2009 06:56 pm (UTC)
Loved book fairs as a kid - and never for the school supplies. Bookstores for me are a sure-fire way to blow my budget. They're like crack and I just can't help myself.

Hope the crud gets better soon.
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