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I should nuture the plants and kill the clutter, not the other way around.

I haven't posted much lately because I don't feel like rehashing blah-to-negative stuff.

We're on track to be mostly caught up on bills by mid to late October, which will make life a lot easier. We still haven't settled September rent because in the two weeks our complex office took to fill out the rent verification form, our expected assistance amount diminished by two-thirds [1] and our complex only accepts payment in full. I informed the office today that they will have to wait until Kevin's paycheck this Friday and am trying not to stress about it in the meanwhile.

This is what I am focusing on to think about something other than the bills:

- seeing my doctor in November and asking to go back up to 40 mg citalopram
- book fair the week of October 19th
- watching Glee online the day after each new episode airs on TV (Laurel really liked the "Bust Your Windows" number last week)
- seeing a bunch of Laurel's outgrown patterned socks reused by the art club at her school making sock monsters
- encouraging Laurel to use a one-inch frame and write sh*tty first drafts with abandon (she was worrying over the writing portion of a project, so it seemed like a good time to pull out Bird By Bird)
- drilling down through the paper clutter, which I was letting grow unchecked again

1. The agency we are working with on rent assistance disburses their funds first-come, first-serve. Our initial appointment was September 3rd and we were advised at that time approximately how much to expect if our complex completed and returned the form that week. On the bright side, we are not getting reamed in late fees this month.
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