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I do not like clothes shopping; or a gift card is not helpful when the sale racks are decimated.

The downside of not shopping on tax holiday weekend is that you have to wait for the clearance racks to fill back in.

Laurel's school politely reminded me that shorts and skirts must be fingertip length or longer, so we walked over to Goodwill on Friday afternoon and found precious few shorts and skirts in girls' sizes 6-10. We picked up a pair of capris, a larger-sized skirt I'll take the waist in on, and a tunic-length top she just had to have because it had a hood and a Limited Too tag. (I think the Limited is a mall store?)

Today we had to go to Home Depot, so Kevin took us by Kohl's since I have a gift card for there from Christmas and they usually have pretty good stuff on the kids' clearance racks. Again, they were picked over so there were practically no skirts or shorts in her size. We netted one lone pair of shorts that were sufficiently loose in the fitting room that they should still fit after washing. I then went over to the boys' department to look for shorts, but she had a snit over that. Since I'm already tired and sick, I decided we could leave the one pair of shorts we'd found. She's apologetic now for acting like that, but I hope she thanked Kevin for buying her the shorts because I would not have.
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