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Laurel home, rent assistance, hope it's the bottom.

Laurel is home for the week before school starts, which so far means she wants to watch TV (I canceled our cable last billing cycle but it's still on) and complains about the lack of snack food. We'll both be relieved when school starts on Monday.

I entertained her and a friend in the pool for an hour and a half yesterday, which I'm still tired from but they seemed to enjoy. She's going over to that friend's house for lunch and to play Wednesday afternoon, providing I can swing it with my not-yet-booked appointment for rent assistance.

Speaking of the rent assistance, we /finally/ got the late rent notice today so we can finally apply for assistance. I am telling myself that this is the bottom, that things will start getting back to normal with his first paycheck in two weeks, but I'm still feeling a bit low yet.
Tags: 640.42_finances, laurel

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