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To the VA Medical Center and back again.

Going to the Dallas VA Medical Center was a trip. It's much busier than my weekday morning experiences at our local hospital, but it's cheerful. I bought a bag of popcorn from a double amputee. (He has awesome signs, next time we visit I will ask him if I can take photos of them.)

We learned why we had been advised to arrive two hours before his appointment time, as he was to go to lab, x-ray and EKG before seeing the doctor. His liver function is back in the normal range (huge relief) but he is scheduled for more labwork in a month to check on things, including his blood ammonia levels.

We were tasked with getting copies of the CT, MRI and other test imagery from his March hospital visit and taking them down to the VA hospital no later than a week before his August appointment for radiology there to look over them.

Next month's visit, scheduled for 25 August, is when we'll get to discuss more of our concerns about his liver function and head injury issues, then get referrals from there.
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