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Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

Fun with Flickr stats:

Recent appearances of my photos, courtesy of my Flickr stats:

- A picture my friend Rich took of a sawfish at the Dallas World Aquarium last November appears in the Southern Bulb Company blog entry A Little “Garden Variety”.

- Laurel's 2009 science fair project board illustrates the HubPages article How to Organize a Science Fair Project.

- A picture of then 3-year-old Laurel sitting on her training potty and looking at movies in an armoire drawer opens the About Parenting Tips blog entry Potty Training Your Kids.

- Squeaky playing in the paper shreds makes another appearance in an environment-related article, this time Shred it at the Shred-a-thon, help a local food bank at the Beacon Hill Blog. (Hello, Seattle!)

One of my favorite things about Flickr is seeing where people use my Creative Commons-licensed photos. It satisfies my curiosity to see what people think about after looking at them.
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