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Photo: my great-grandmother Eloisa Campa and four daughters, c. 1936.

Happy belated Mother's Day.

This is what I did with mine, although I'm not entirely pleased with some of the details I recreated:

(Click the image to see the full-sized originals, 920x1230 pixels / 228 kb.)

I think this is my great-grandmother Eloisa Campa (aka Grandma Locha) and the oldest four daughters, which include my grandmother (probably the youngest one, based on other childhood photos I've seen) and Tia Emma, taken around 1936 (again based on other photos).

My cousin scanned the photo for me to touch up; it is in the collection of my Tia Emma, who I'm pretty sure is the oldest Campa daughter. (I would have to find my notes to give you all the children in order, as there are thirteen of them.) She and my Tio Alfonso Murillo celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary a few years ago.
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