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Assorted household rambling: syncing music, liberating stored stuff, organizing embroidery floss.

I noticed today that I have every Luscious Jackson album except Natural Ingredients imported into iTunes on this computer. I know I have the CD and saw it recently in the house, but it is escaping me now that I am trying to find it. I also need to sync music between my desktop and laptop because I imported a bunch of music onto the laptop over Christmas.

I am going to have to liberate a lot of stored household baggage this summer because it's been five years it has been in storage and other than a few hard-to-replace books, some clothing and framed art, I haven't missed it. Once that's done, I can re-box Himself's things and ask his mother if she can keep it in her garage. (I have thought about selling it and asking the courts to subtract the proceeds from the back child support he will eventually be ordered to pay, but I don't want to be petty.)

I want to work out a tidy way to organize whole skeins of floss awaiting use. (I try to keep two or fewer bobbins of any one DMC color at a time; right now I have two tackle trays of bobbins in numerical order, plus a tray of skeins and spools of non-DMC and specialty fibers.) I am undecided between simply using a large box with ranges of colors (either by DMC number or color families) kept together in gallon bags or being anal and buying a bunch of 35mm film negative holder sheets (SciPlus has negative holders for 75 cents pet 10 sheets). With 8 pockets per sheet, I could probably get it all in under 50 sheets. That sounds ridiculous, but if you saw my stash of embroidery floss... I will probably not have to buy cotton floss again for a long, long time.

This weekend my big goal is to fill the box the VogonParents left for yard sale items. Laurel has filled half a 30-gallon plastic tote with toys (complete and clean -- I've laundered all non-voice-boxed plush toys and surface-cleaned the rest) for them to take too, and I think that will really help our household morale..
Tags: 640.48_organization, 746.4_needlework, 780_music

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