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Computer cart moved; next up, getting the computer running.

After several episodes of going into Laurel's room (comfortably warm but unpleasant after I got sweaty) and wiggling the computer cart several inches in a few pushes, I got the blasted thing pushed down the wall it was on from the corner by the window to to the corner by the patio door. Next I moved the rack of small bins to the corner by the window, then assembled the desk I bought yesterday and fit it neatly between the computer cart and the molding around the closet door. After that I rehung her book-fair posters (printed on cardstock-weight paper so Scotch tape, masking tape, and blu-tack have only kept them up for a few months at a time) with some Command poster strips. Will see how those work out.

I am debating whether to recover the kid-sized card table succeeded by the desk and listing it on Craigslist for a few bucks. (I like the idea of Freecycle, but have had no luck with people actually showing up to pick up items. I've had many successful item pickups with Craigslist, even though I rarely ask more than $10 for an item.)

I have three large shopping bags of children's clothing, so I'll have to call ARC and arrange a pickup. (VVA doesn't provide pickups in Texas and I don't think I have enough to be considered a large donation for Goodwill to schedule a pickup.) If I can get myself sufficiently motivated and Laurel picks up enough of the crap in her room for me to get into the closet easily, I'll look through the boxes of stuff the nerdsprout left behind and donate as much of that as I can.
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