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Things I have been doing (with photos) and things I have not (yet).

I haven't posted anything interesting in awhile so here's something to tide y'all over before I think about someone's flaming underwear again. (They're still lucky an accelerant-stained laundry bag didn't self-ignite while they weren't home. Not that I know anything about setting anything ablaze, but I practice responsible trouble-making. Except for that one time... and that other time. And that time we grilled bacon-wrapped meat. Never mind.)

Things I have been doing:

- lots of French knots
Butterfly embroidery repair 3

- lots of backstitching (soon to be followed by lots of French knots)
New World Discovery WIP photo

- trying to remember that spring is coming even though it's unreasonably cold outside now
Enjoying a sunny day

- appeasing a quadripedal benevolent dictator
Squeaky rolling on the patio

Things I have not done:
- taken Christmas decorations to storage
- listed a bunch of lap quilts, tools and patterns on Etsy
- mailed bacon salt to Michigan, a screaming monkey to Boston, a quilt to Florida, a box of yarn and stuff to Ohio, and some fridge art to El Paso

The latter two items will be taken care of after I venture into the near-frozen outdoors to deposit a paper check, go to the post office, and write some sales copy.

If her display board comes home today, I'll post a picture of Laurel with her honorable-mention-winning science fair project. Otherwise it will be sometime after next week, because we have spring break then and I will sleep more if it doesn't warm up. (Weather: warm up!)
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