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In which I remember the perils of dollar store jewelry.

Laurel asked me to help her take out her earrings this morning; she had taken one out over the weekend because it had been catching on her blanket. I had been dubious of that particular pair since she had spotted them at the dollar store (there are some things I won't go that cheap on) and after I helped her get it off, the metal's finish was gone and the backing was nearly stuck to the post. So I did the right thing (for once) and told her that I would feel better if she wore better quality earrings, then fetched a pair of gold earrings with rubies (her birthstone, even) that her paternal grandmother had given me several Christmases ago. It's not the kind of thing I think about since I usually don't wear earrings, but I figure if you're going to wear them you might as well wear something nice.
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