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Domestic fluff, more fluff, and finally over halfway through Cloud Atlas.

I have an ear infection and am slightly incoherent as a result.

I finished the Ramona embroidery last weekend and photographed it, so please feel free to tell me to stop being a lazy bum and unload the camera/upload to Flickr already.

I survived the four-day weekend with the midget with a little retail distraction. On Monday we walked along the south side of our block to find Crayola triangular capless washable markers at CVS for Austin (caps on markers get in the way when you are two and a half) and popped in Family Dollar to look at random stuff. Found Suave Radiant Brunette shampoo on clearance for $1.60/bottle. Might want to stock up on that.

Trying to get through weeding outgrown clothes before spring cleaning, I am about two-thirds of the way through Laurel's wardrobe. Bought a couple more long-sleeve tees to get her through to spring, but the Middlebury hoodie I bought last fall is nowhere to be found. I asked her if it was under her bed or had been left at school; she giggled and shrugged, "I'm forgetful!". I am not amused.

revme, I have finally finished the Zach'ry section of Cloud Atlas (the least gripping story for me) and am happily back to Sonmi. Cannot wait to get to the conclusion of Louisa Rey's mystery, I had a minor case of the fantods when the first half ended where it did.
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