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Getting squared away to go, laptop sitrep, please send Dr Pepper. (:

Squaring away the packing now. Laurel has a load in the dryer and one waiting in the washer to go next. I just have to drop my folded clothes in my suitcase and load my carry-on.

About an hour ago the combination of low caffeine, changing air pressure and menstrual cramps had me curled in a ball trying to peek at the laptop to make sure it was good to go. Two ibuprofen and a 12-hour Sudafed have me back on track. Drinking flat bottled Dr Pepper though, bleh.

Laurel is too excited to sleep, but I'm not too worried about it. Our airport shuttle will arrive between 0345 and 0400 (our flight leaves DAL at 0635) so I expect her to sleep in the shuttle and maybe in the airport; she can fall asleep just about anywhere so I'm down with that.

Re the laptop, we wound up dropping in a new hard drive and running the system recovery discs. I installed Windows updates today plus my preferred apps and some PopCap games for Laurel. For all my worry about poking around inside the laptop, it will be easy to add RAM later and I'm good on drive space now (new drive is 5x the capacity, woot). Also installed the wireless-G card I picked up as an open-box find at our local electronics store to free up a USB port from the older wireless adapter.

Off to double-check the toiletry bags and make sure I have enough zip-lock bags for my compulsive compartmentalizing of the carry-ons. If I don't post again before I leave, I'll post after we get to Colorado!
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