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Meme: eight things about me.

I got tagged by suburbfabulous but I am not going to tag 8 people. (I'm supposed to be packing now anyway.) You can tag yourself, I guess. So, eight things about me...

1. I have no patience for shopping malls. All the people and noise in enclosed spaces make me irritated.

2. I can make pretty much any plant thrive -- except for rosemary. I don't know what I do wrong with it, but it never lives more than a few weeks when I have it.

3. I cross-stitch because it keeps my hands busy and out of trouble. I pick the designs I do because I just don't find most mainstream commercial patterns appealing.

4. I don't drive by choice. The way people drive around here is enough to convince me I'm safer staying away from streets as much as possible.

5. If left around excess register tape, I will cut or tear it into squares and make armies of origami animals. (See previous about keeping my hands busy and out of trouble.)

6. It is a family joke that I am not allowed to have a screwdriver unsupervised or I will disassemble things. This is (mostly) true.

7. I picked the color for the living area walls in my parents' house out of a Robert A.M. Stern design I saw in Architectural Digest ("Written in Stone", March 2002).

8. I can draw accurate floor plans and details of fixtures for every house I've lived in since I was a toddler.
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