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Laurel fussing at her computer not doing exactly what she wants when she wants has been making me feel unreasonably irritable. This will be relieved soon with upgrading of her computer (whee sale finds at Fry's) but I am leaving that to Vogon since I do not have a good track record of putting new components together. (I am fine with adding something to an existing system, but the last few times he's left me to assemble an entire system it has ended in frustration and him doing it anyway.)

Right now there are five CPU cases in our main living area. Three are new (for a file server and new builds/rebuilds of Laurel's and Vogon's systems) and two are old pending recycling (my-just-replaced tower and a ten-year-old Dell case). Also four boxes that cases came in and their *cringe* Styrofoam packaging. It's like Christmas without the stockings and extra teeth-skreeking Styrofoam. And I have to continue reinstalling applications on my just-replaced system, so I am currently just puttering along until I remember "Oh hey! I don't have [x] installed yet" and get sidetracked doing that. It's not bad, just funny that I haven't realized what applications I depend on and how often until I want to access them.


We took the Squeaky to the vet on Monday morning. Everything's normal (no sign of worms!) but he's a few pounds over where the vet recommends he weigh, so we are introducing Hill's Prescription Diet w/d to up the fiber in his diet and see how that helps his digestive issues. Squeaks also rode in the carrier without messing in it, a first for him. Thanks, radixx, for suggesting we put a bit of food in with him to prevent that.


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Nov. 22nd, 2008 09:42 am (UTC)
Our kitties are all on the w/d diet, which is supposed to be pretty good for them. Plus, since Squeaky is a boy, it should keep him from getting any blockage.
Nov. 24th, 2008 05:10 am (UTC)
Squeaky seems to like the w/d food so far. I expect any change to take another week or two to make itself known since it took about three weeks for his digestive system to adjust after he came home with us.

In the meanwhile, we have dubbed him Potbelly Kitty. I thought he was shaped a little funny when we bought a large cat harness and no matter how I adjusted it, it fit fine in the neck but I couldn't get it long enough in the upper chest/underarm. I plan to snip that harness apart and reuse the buckles to make him a couple of stylish fabric collars.

Since the buckles are just half an inch wide, Vogon thinks some of a large-scale cow print would look more abstractly black-and-white to blend in with Squeaky's coloring. I want to see how one of my tiny-scale holiday prints would look in a collar. He's been very patient so far with me measuring and laying swatches against him. Of course his favorite fabric so far is orange. (:
Nov. 25th, 2008 03:19 am (UTC)
Oh, if he likes orange, that's what you should go with. Yuki's so annoyed with collars, he instantly tries to attack the thing once it's on.

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