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MailWasher plug and naming our hobbit-hole.

In the process of installing applications to my new system [1], I picked up MailWasher a few versions newer than when I last used it. Since I was feeling magnanimous, I asked Vogon if he'd like me to sic it on monitoring the catch-all ravenshire.com [2] addresses. 12,000 messages later, I discovered he hadn't set up a forwarding address for Laurel there but had told her she had one. It only flagged one message for her as possible spam.

Things are once again beautiful in the land of e-mail management in our household, which I would like to name. I keep being surprised at how we get mistakenly assigned the others' last names as each of us has a different last name, so it seems both amusing and fitting to name our household something entirely different. I like the German term Gemütlichkeit, but we would need to do quite a bit of decluttering to achieve that state in our home. I describe it to people as our hobbit hole.

1. By new, I mean from parts actually purchased new, not the latest entry in my history of hand-me-downs and scavenged parts. Is this going to be a punch hole on my adult card?

2. Ravenshire is his personal webspace. I don't think he has a generic index page up there, but if you're one of his readers he occasionally links to files he's got up there. If you aren't on his friends list and want to listen to his latest four-hour downtempo mix or see his kindergarten class picture, just ask me.


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