Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu (oddharmonic) wrote,
Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

How I spent my weekend with celendis other than watching the new James Bond movie.

Friday: Went to D/FW Airport at lunchtime to meet celendis. After he checked in at his hotel, we had a late lunch at Pei Wei and headed up to the Tinseltown Plano to see the 1630 showing of Quantum of Solace. Returned to my home; clutter did not eat him alive. Sometime later resolved to go to Blue Fish with Vogon and Laurel, where I rocked out with my nerd self in a plaid miniskirt and Will Work For Books t-shirt.

Saturday: Took Laurel with us for brunch at Benedict's, where she left her jacket. Somehow all four of us ended up at Fry's, where Celendis acquired a Garmin nüvi model with integrated traffic, Vogon bought a couple of motherboards on sale and related items, and I returned from a bathroom trip to find Laurel playing Bejeweled on Celendis' iPhone in the store cafe. Home again, Vogon went to our neighborhood Altex for a couple of PC cases and had me call in a carryout order to Ruchi Palace. Much nomming followed, Vogon fell asleep, and Celendis stuck his hands in hardware so I did not unintentionally screw up another major system upgrade.

Sunday: Driving was the theme of the day. Our visit to the Dallas World Aquarium in the West End included catching the end of a penguin feeding time, watching the Orinoco dive feeding time, and the end of a Mayan dance troupe performance. Instead of lunching at the nearby Los Lupes location on Industrial Boulevard, we braved the previously unexplored (to me) southern metroplex to lunch at the one in Duncanville, where we enjoyed two mustachioed men with guitars perform "Under the Boardwalk" in Spanish, later followed by "Oye Como Va". Drove up toward Addison before deciding our next stop should be an Apple Store, which necessitated returning south to the NorthPark Center. (I now know there is one at Willow Bend, which is much closer to where I live.) Now that I have experienced the mall, I know I will never go in a Lush store, which smelled funny from across the walking area and made me sneezy. Actually, I will probably not go there again because it is full of identically-plastic-looking people who stared at me like I had two heads. We returned to my home with his quasi-impulse purchase of a new Macbook and pondered later plans. After Vogon fell asleep on the couch, forcing us to no longer sit on it, he retreated to Starbucks while I got Laurel ready for bed. We regrouped just after 2100 (yes, Starbucks closes here) and went down to the Cafe Brazil in Oak Lawn, noshed and poked around on his new laptop until we got tired and went to our respective sleeping locations. In his typical half-awake moment of WTF?, I came in at 2330 and Vogon somehow wildly misunderstood "we went to Cafe Brazil and I'm home before midnight" as "I went to his hotel room at it's 4 AM", which was interesting.

Monday: met up just before 11 for lunch at Fogo de Chão. Their food is made of awesome and I was amused by the meat runners' pleated pants. Afterward we went to Best Buy to find a not-overly-twee bag for his new notebook, stopped by The Fabric Yard in search of 1.5" wide nylon webbing for me to make a longer shoulder strap for the bag (no dice, will order and make him a custom strap), and hung out for an hour or so before seeing him off to return his rental car and return to the land of milk and honey Seattle.

Tags: 640.73_shopping, 976.42812_dallas

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