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V. brief updates: Veganomicon recipe a winner, iCarly movie, funny Airsoft t-shirt.

The Corn Edamame-Sesame Salad from Veganomicon was a hit at the teacher luncheon. Props to everyone that recommended the cookbook.

The iCarly movie iGo to Japan debuted this weekend. If you don't enjoy the show, I sympathize. My wireless headphones started fading an hour into the 90-minute program. The Newsday review summed it up nicely: "It's not deep, unless you consider a puddle deep, but there's some charm here. Kids will (duh) like it. A lot."

One of Vogon's coworkers keeps an Airsoft gun in his office. I located a t-shirt that says "There is no crying in Airsoft" for Vogon to wear one Friday when he takes his Airsoft gun in and epic lulz ensues. (They work in a mostly-empty building so there is room for horsing around.)

I have been just flattened lately with tiredness lately; please don't think I am ignoring all of you.
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