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Survey: mostly random things about me

Swiped from catfight, who I occasionally drop in on and read -- she's friends with Jon and Cam's younger sister.

First and middle names: Melissa B. -- yes, I only have a middle initial.
Nicknames: Missa, Vesta, and a few specific to the user (Amethyst calls me Nyssa, Chuck calls me Kitten, etc.)
Hair color: Dark brown.
Hair length: Just brushing my shoulders -- while historically short, it's grown astonishingly fast for having been buzzed to 1/2" in October 2000.
Eye color: Brown.
Height: my military ID says 62 inches. I'm not sure exactly.
Weight: 105, last time I checked (April).
Birthday: 9 August.
Location: usually wherever the Air Force sends us. Right now, Evergreen, Colorado.
Shoe size: my Birkis are 39 narrow.
Zodiac sign: Western, Leo; Chinese, Monkey.
- Amy, 23; grad student, high school teacher
- David, 19; high school student, assistant manager at Nick & Willy's
- Sarah, 12; your typical pre-teen creature
Pets: None at the moment, though Himself and I would like a cat as cool as Hayden's Gandalf someday.


Genre of music: is "lesbians with guitars" a genre?
Musical artist: Right now, disappear fear.
Movie: Amelie, Pulp Fiction, Wizard of Speed and Time.
Actor: Antonio Banderas (in Almodovar movies), Sean Connery, Val Kilmer.
Brand: not the prince of Amber! *chuckles* I'm not really brand-conscious, but I'm partial to the Real Goods/Gaiam and Archie McPhee catalogs...
Label: in vintage, I love Yves Saint Laurent (esp. Rive Gauche), Claire McCardell, and some old Dior. Anything that fits is great, though my wedding dress appears to have been handmade -- although I know it's 1950s vintage, it has no tags.
Song: "The General" (Dispatch), "Ghost" (Indigo Girls), "Ladybug Picnic" (Sesame Street).
Food: Marshmallow Fluff, homemade refritos, peaches and raspberries, Michael's scones... cheese in all forms.
Drink: Lemonade, Hansen's raspberry soda, anything with grenadine and lime. *g*
Color: I couldn't possibly pick just one.
Number: 17. It's a Feller number.
Candy: Most of them make my teeth hurt (they're soft), but I'm a sucker for lemon drops and these lovely tea-flavored chewy squares that I lived on at Mary Baldwin.
TV show: CSI, Junkyard Wars, Law & Order, Sesame Street, Trading Spaces
Fast-food restauarant: Sonic. Cherry Limeade and a massive order of chili cheese tots and I am a happy geek. Laurel loves their fries.
Girl name: Laurel, Judith, Rosemary
Boy name: Himself's first name (it's a family thing), Thomas
Nail polish color: only on my toes (I don't like it on my fingernails), and then my current adoration is Sally Hansen's chrome line
Radio station: When I do, it's either KBCO (when I'm in the Denver area) or NPR (Public Radio East near Shady J)
Animal: cats, quetzals, penguins
Stores: Tattered Cover (Denver), City Girls Vintage (G'boro), Ivory Needle (Greenville, NH), Tangerine Boutique and Divine Finds (at fashiondig.com).
Scent: Freshly cleaned and pressed BDUs.
Quote: "Ah, so you shall be misunderstood. Is it so bad to be misunderstood? Pythagoras was misunderstood, and Socrates, and Jesus, and Luther, and Copernicus, and Galileo, and Newton, and every pure and wise spirit that ever took flesh. To be great is to be misunderstood." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
Holiday: Halloween, or any the military has off. (:
Day of the week: Wednesday.
Month: right now, July.


Music artist: any that really get on my nerves, but I consider acts like Britney Spears and boy bands performance artists, not music.
Brand: ones that violate human rights.
Song: Know the same 30 songs you hear on most radio stations? Yeah.
Word: Public education.
Food: I can't really taste much, so I guess anything I'm allergic to.
Drink: Sweet tea. It's more sugar than tea, but Himself and I rejoiced when we found the food court on the A concourse at St. Louis-Lambert had unsweetened tea.
Color: None.
Candy: *shrugs*
TV show: most cable fare, soap operas, sports running over the time for the news
Girl name: Anything that makes the gender unclear.
Boy name: See previous question.
Nail polish color: Anything that doesn't go with my skin coloring.
Radio station: Nearly every Top 40 and country station I've ever heard.
Animal: spoiled children.
Stores: most of what's in the mall, except for stores that sell camera accessories, sharp pointies, toys, books or gaming stuff.
Day of the week: Any when I have to wake up before 0800.
Month: April. Taxes under Bush suck my figurative nutsack.

[[DO YOU]]

Think you're attractive? I have my moments.
Think you're smart? This isn't even an issue, although I often feel the more I learn, the less I know.
Think you have common sense? In most situations.
Play sports? What kind of sports do you like? I'm not really into competitive sports. I enjoy trail running, climbing, backpacking... stuff like that.
Shave? My underarms. I use Nair on my legs since I'm prone to ingrown hairs.
Have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Well, I'm married... not really looking.
Think your style/fashion is cool? I have a timeless, classic sense of fashion when I dress up. The rest of the time I'm in jeans or khakis and a tee or slightly dressy top.
Do drugs? Recreationally, no. I do take Tavist ASH and promethazine as needed to keep my chronic sinusitis under control.
Drink? Not often. When I do, I like old-school martinis (Bombay Sapphire, vermouth and a Big Damn Olive), tequila, and old-school Mai Tais (none of this pineapple juice crap).
Have sex? Obviously I have, since Laurel wasn't an immaculate conception. Not much so far this year with Himself starting the year in Kuwait and currently in North Carolina.


Smoked? No, and no desire to.
Drank? Yes, but never to excess.
Gotten drunk? Yes, though not to the point of losing control of myself. I drink for pleasure, not to act brain-dead.
Gone bungee jumping? Yes, and got the urge to out of my system.
Had a crush on a teacher? No.
Broken the law? Probably, although the only ticketable offense would probably have been speeding.
Ran from police? No.
Kissed a girl? Yes, and that's only the beginning. *chuckles*
Kissed a guy? Yes. (This should be obvious. If it's not, have a clue-by-four.)
Laughed? Yes. I try to often. (:
Been sarcastic? I've been known to be, especially around clue-resistant and otherwise annoying people.
Been embarassed? Yes.
Cried? Yes.
Wanted to die? Yes, though I don't at present.
Been scared half to death? Yes.
Stolen anything? No.
Farted in school? Probably. It's a normal bodily function.
Made yourself throw up? No, and I have medication to handle the nausea that comes with sinus flareups.
Thought about or tired to kill yourself? I've had suicidal ideations, but I'm bipolar and chosen to not be on medication for part of the time since my diagnosis (1996). I've also had a few attempts, but none within the past three years.
Went skinny dipping? When I was a little burrito and we had a pool in the backyard.
Been in love? Physically, several times; emotionally, less than a handful; completely and unconditionally, once.
Had a milk mustache? Yes.
Said "I love you" and not mean it? No.
Gotten into a fight with your pet? No.
Had a dream about something weird and it happened the next day? A few times, but I'm not much of a precog. That's my abuela's gift.
Stalked someone? No, but I was once half-jokingly accused of it by a friend of someone whose weblog I used to read.
Had a mud bath? No.
Wished you were the opposite sex? At times. Gender constructs can be awfully limiting.


Blue: Joni Mitchell or Patsy Cline.
Socks: Don't know where any of mine are.
Cracker: Chad Brock. (This is Colorado, which used to be part of Mexico, and much of our service industries thrive on the backs of immigrants. Next time you take a sh*t in Greeley, thank the person that made sure your bathroom was clean.)
Cow: Spots.
France: Accepted Allied help so they could be free to grant asylum to war criminals.
AOL: Mind control for the masses, much like Bill Bennett.


Wrote you a note: You mean like writing so mething on a sticky note and leaving it on my door? Probably my little sister.
Called you: Himself.
Kissed you: Laurel. ("Tiss? Tiss?")
Hugged you: Laurel, or my mother-in-law. She picked up Lala for the weekend on Friday.
E-mailed you: Seg, in response to a file I e-mailed him the other night.
Told you they love you: Himself, last night on the phone.
Was mean to you: *shrugs* Dunno.
Said something nice to you: Himself, but the only human contact I've had since 0000 hours was to summon my brother to answer a phone call.
You saw a movie with: Well, I see about one movie a year in the theater, most recently Amelie with Hayden just after I landed in St. Louis.
You went to the mall with: Again, not a common thing. The only time I've been to the mall this year was a few weeks ago with my parents, sisters and Laurel.
Said they hated you: No clue.


Do you intend to get married? Not unless I'm widowed or divorced, since I'm already married.
What will you name your kids? If we have a second daughter someday, it's undecided. (Our daughter's name is Laurel Thalia.) A son would be [Himself's first name] Arturo, to carry on the family tradition of firstborn sons having that first name and their maternal grandfather's first name for a middle.
What do you want your husband to be like? Himself. Duh. (:
Where will you live? Wherever the Air Force sends us... currently, Seymour Johnson AFB, NC. (Yes, Laurel and I are moving back there for the rest of his term. Bleh.)


Who are your good friends? Michael (and Kathryn by association *g*), Chuck, other castle contributors. Online, I'm usually in the vicinity of [Robert] Hayden, Seg, Jude, Sunnie, and assorted geeks.
Who's your best online buddy? I won't even pick.
How many e-mail addresses do you have? Three I check regularly (oddharmonic.org/forwards to Hotmail, Yahoo and uberwangen.com).
If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be? Nothing. While there are things in my past I regret, I wouldn't be the person I am now if I went back and changed any of them.
What kind of shampoo do you use? Right now, some generic raspberry-scented stuff. When my budget allows, I'm partial to Pantene Pro-V, classic formula.
What's your biggest fear? Well, I try to let go of fear as much as possible, but... outliving my daughter, maybe.
How many people are on your buddy list? I use Trillian, so let me add up my various groups... *blinks* 175. I rarely see more than 20 online at any given time, though.
How many people do you have blocked? Don't know. If I do, they were imported when I set Trillian up several months ago.
The three best inside jokes you have:
- Soymilk makes you gay.
- Getting free porn on TDY.
- Buying a cruise ship with judecorp
What kind of car do you want to drive? *shrugs* It's all the same to me, although I'm partial to the Saab 9-5, older European sedans, and the M1-A2 Abrams tank.
What kind of shoes do you wear? I try not to, but when I have to and it's not a dressy occasion, I have a trusty pair of Birkenstock Milanos.
What kind of clothes do you sleep in? Depending on the weather, boxers and a PT t-shirt or flannel pajamas.
Who is the last person you called? The ranger at Camp Tahosa on Thursday to give a message to Dad.
Where do you want to get married? Someplace I find beautiful. We just had a civil ceremony at the DMV when we got married.
How do you eat an Oreo? After soaking it in milk.
If you could have one wish, what would it be? Never having to worry about the logistics of moving.
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? *shrugs* Maybe make my skin less sensitive?
What do you really dislike? Not being true to oneself.
Describe your first kiss: Am I supposed to remember that? I remember a few awkward breakups, when Himself proposed (but not much of getting married), giving birth... but I don't remember my first kiss offhand. Sorry.
Last four numbers in your phone number: at my parents', 4391. Our house in base housing (which was formally moved out of in April), 0016.


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Jul. 27th, 2002 05:50 pm (UTC)
I enjoyed that trip through the land of Melissa. Can't say it made anything clearer though. :)

"What kind of car do you want to drive? *shrugs* It's all the same to me, although I'm partial to the Saab 9-5, older European sedans, and the M1-A2 Abrams tank."

Bahahahaha. :)
Jul. 27th, 2002 08:22 pm (UTC)
Re: Cool.
Yeah, but you're really just wishing you could see me all dolled up. *snickers* Anyway...

I really am partial to tanks. I've already driven a Hummer, and it didn't do anything for me. Unfortunately I have no desire to wind up in a position that would pay me to drive tanks, so I'll just have to settle for finishing my degree and being an officer. (How's that for turnabout? Robert's decided to re-enlist and help fund finishing my bachelor's, so I figure I might as well go back to where I came from, albeit at a higher paygrade than my career enlisted dad. If I make it as an officer, it'll make Laurel a second-generation officer's brat since Robert's dad retired a LtCol.)
Jul. 31st, 2002 01:18 am (UTC)
Re: Cool.
Oooo. Officer... Finally join my ranks, huh? About time. :)

What career path? I think you'd make a wicked Intelligence Officer.
Jul. 31st, 2002 02:42 pm (UTC)
Re: Cool.
Something like that... remember that my folks met in the Air Force, I have a metric buttload of family members that served (mostly as enlisted), and both of my best friends are career military.

I'm thinking about going into linguistics. It's one of my few strong suits and as Robert jokes, it's not something I really have to try hard at to do well.

On the other hand, one of the aforementioned best friends (going for his commission in a few years, currently enlisted) is trying to convince me otherwise. Make him stay at home with a kid for two years and lousy benefits and I bet he'd agree with me.
Aug. 2nd, 2002 08:31 pm (UTC)
Re: Cool.
I never liked Linguistics.

After I failed Grade 8 French, I knew languages and me didn't want to get along.

I did pass (barely) Spanish 9 and Spanish 10. The only reason I took them was to get into University. Guess it was worth it. :)

If you do go down that path, I'm sure you'll visit the NSA in Fort Meade on more than one occassion. It's definitely a cool place, you'll love it.

Although I will say Intelligence can get boring. Although after 9/11, I'm sure things have picked up.

I almost considered joining the US Air Force, until I discovered you guys don't like us Canadians for some reason. Bastards. ;)
Aug. 2nd, 2002 11:46 pm (UTC)
Re: Cool.
I love the pattern of languages, so it's a natural fit. I just feel not-useful since my favorites (not counting Nahautl) are Latin and ancient Greek... lacking any real intellectual stimulation away from the computer, I've been force-learning Norwegian. It was originally so I could futher my understanding of translated Naess, but a friend of mine that lives up in Trondheim decided it would be amusing to send me a parcel of Naess' writing in the original Norwegian. It was very humbling, to say the least.

The hard part is going to be affording college... if I can swing that despite the student loans I've already got, I can get damn near anything done.

I can't say much about not liking non-Americans in the military. My dad became a US citizen at 18 (emigrated from Mexico when he was 4) and joined the Air Force a few years later and never caught much flak about it, although he didn't like being stationed in Idaho.
Aug. 5th, 2002 05:03 pm (UTC)
Re: Cool.
Can you swing some sort of ROTC program while at College? Hopefully you can get the military to pay for as much schooling as possible. You're probably too old for the Air Force Academy (No offence). ;)

Norwegian? I've heard nordic languages are pretty tough. I always wanted to learn Swedish... Until, you know, I learned that I suck at languages. :)
Aug. 6th, 2002 12:34 am (UTC)
Re: Cool.
ROTC wouldn't be a problem, but it's a lot easier to do if I was able to live on or very near campus... and that would be the tough part with Robert having to move at the whim of the Air Force. CU Boulder has a fantastic ROTC cadre but it's an hour's drive each way if I wanted to keep Laurel in our current living situation. Bleh. I'll figure something out.

You're probably too old for the Air Force Academy (No offence).

Cripes, I'm younger than you -- I turn 22 on Friday -- though most of the older people I know of that have gone to the Academy were prior enlisted and did a year or two at the Academy prep school first. (Richard Hatch, famous for winning the first Survivor reality TV game show, went to West Point Prep and then two years at West Point when he was in the Army. Told you I have too much useless trivia in my head. *g*)

I've heard nordic languages are pretty tough.

They're a minor pain in the ass, but I'm stubborn and have the advantage of having a fairly good grasp on the pattern structure of most Indo-European languages. (:
Aug. 7th, 2002 06:12 pm (UTC)
Re: Cool.
Well, first of all, Happy Birthday (in 2 days)!

I always thought you were 25 or 26. I'm not entirely sure why. You just seem very mature for your age. :)

With regards to ROTC... An hour's drive each way isn't THAT bad. I live in suburban Vancouver, and going downtown during the day takes about 40 minutes each way. I know people that spend over 90 minutes each way going to work. You'd really have to love your car for that. :)

Aug. 7th, 2002 11:58 pm (UTC)
Re: Cool.
Thanks for the birthday wishes. I really hate my birthday, but I figure they can't be any worse than the ones I've already had. *wry grin*

I always thought you were 25 or 26. I'm not entirely sure why.

Because I use big words? *chuckles* I look about 16, so it must be overcompensating. When I first had a dialup shell account, people thought I was at least 18... but then again, it was a university server and I got a login only due to a relative's pulling strings so I'd stop bothering him with stupid programming questions. (I still have my TRS-80 that I taught myself Basic on. Eee.)

An hour's drive each way isn't THAT bad.

Yeah, but I don't have a car and Highway 93 on bike is harsh. (Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful ride, but it's heavily-traveled two-lane undivided road. Scary as hell with the curves on a foggy night -- and that was in a car.) Hmm. It would kick Robert's ass for weekly bike mileage, though -- when he bikes to work, it's only ~8 miles around trip and he doesn't go home for lunch. Me, I have to go 8 miles just to get to the straightest shot to Denver.
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