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Visited the no-kill shelter today and found a pair of cats we hope to adopt.

After Vogon passed today on an immediately available kitten in Garland, Laurel redoubled her efforts to visit Operation Kindness, our local no-kill shelter. They're open until 8 PM on Thursdays, so we went over after Laurel finished her homework.

Laurel and I had a lovely time visiting with the roaming cats on the enclosed cat porch, where a friendly tortie point Siamese followed me around and Laurel made fast friends with a little black cat. We chatted with a talkative seal point Siamese in a cage (recovering from a car-related injury) and an affectionate white cat with different-colored eyes. After extracting Vogon from the kitten room and reprimanding him for opening the cages, we brought him into the cat room to meet a tabby who insistently worked on getting and keeping my attention.

Chance is one half of a please-adopt-together duo with Mrs. Applebee, who were surrendered together to the shelter this past January. We are applying to adopt them but it will be another month before we have budgeted the adoption fee of $110 per cat. It will be nice to have cats in the house again.

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